Executives stretched at HMAS Cerberus

This article has photo gallery Published on LEUT Ben Willee (author), POIS Nina Fogliani (photographer)

Location(s): HMAS Cerberus, VIC

Topic(s): Exercises, HMAS Cerberus, Reserves

Staff and participants of Exercise Executive Stretch 2018 at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria. (photo: POIS Nina Fogliani)
Staff and participants of Exercise Executive Stretch 2018 at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria.

Employers of Defence Reservists have enjoyed a first-hand experience at HMAS Cerberus learning about their Defence staff’s many and varied skills.

Exercise Executive Stretch is a Defence run program aimed at employers, or potential employers, of Australian Defence Force Reserve members. The program involves participants taking part in two days of challenges in a Defence environment.

Twenty participants were put through their paces from 12-13 September.

This included the RAN swim test, Defence weapons training simulation system, boat work and fire and flood exercises. The event culminated with the infamous ‘mud run’ where participants, walked, swam and crawled through 600 metres of tidal, muddy swamp. 

Stacey Dorling, National Manager for Combat Clothing, said the exercise provided her with a new appreciation of ADF Reservists.

“I never understood the training they had to go through, so being able to experience it firsthand makes me understand how difficult some aspects are.  

“I would absolutely recommend other employers attend Exercise Executive Stretch to understand how intense some of the training is,”  Ms Dorling said. 

Executive Stretch is run by The Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) whose aim is to promote the benefits of Reserve service to employers and the community.

Commanding Officer HMAS Cerberus, Captain Michael Oborn, reinforced the importance of Reservists.

“It’s been great to host the Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Reserve community here at HMAS Cerberus.  

“For me it’s an opportunity to tell these employers how Reservists are a fundamental aspect of Navy capability and thank them for supporting their reserve members and therefore the Navy.”

Those interested in getting involved in Exercise Executive Stretch can make contact with the Defence Reserves Support Council at https://www.defencereservessupport.gov.au/