Time for something different - submarine crew conducts adventure training

Published on Mr Andrew Bujdegan (author)

Location(s): Margaret River, WA

Topic(s): HMAS Farncomb (S74), Adventure Training

Always time for a group photo - members of HMAS Farncomb during their adventure training activities. (photo: )
Always time for a group photo - members of HMAS Farncomb during their adventure training activities.

The crew from HMAS Farncomb recently moved away from their normally demanding careers to experience a different set of challenges. Embarking on bushwalking, abseiling and mountain biking activities, the team really did partake in some ‘adventurous training’.

During a week in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, the participants were exposed to activities which required both physical and mental fortitude with the ten submariners further developing their planning, teamwork and leadership skills during the week’s activities. 

Unable to submerge, a typical submariner technique to avoid the bad weather, the team roughed it with the first night whipping up a storm as a cold front moved through the region. Fortunately, the rest of the week’s weather proved more favourable for the planned activities.

As the week progressed, so did the challenges and accomplishments. Monday saw some hilly bushwalking whilst on Tuesday the tracks were tackled on mountain bikes. Wednesday the team conducted caving and more bushwalking with a tour of the local area culminating on the Thursday where nerves were once again put to the test with the conduct of an abseiling activity. 

Thankfully there was an opportunity at the end of each day for the participants to wind down and conduct a social debrief around the campfire.

One of the participants in the training activities, Petty Officer Medic Kerrin Lyon, said everyone enjoyed the challenges.

“Being taken out of our normal work environment and approaching unusual situations required us to use our skills in a completely different way.

“It’s good to see our training has provided us with a perfect basis for tackling most situations,” he said.

“Exposing our personnel to different situations provides an opportunity for them to use their hidden abilities as well as assist in building resilience, self-confidence and mateship.”