Darwin welcomes regional deployers

Published on Department of Defence (author), LSIS Peter Thompson (photographer)

Location(s): Darwin

Topic(s): HMAS Adelaide (L01), HMAS Toowoomba (F156), Indo-Pacific Endeavour

HMAS Adelaide enters Darwin Harbour as part of the Indo-Pacific Endeavour Joint Task Group 2017.  (photo: LSIS James Whittle)
HMAS Adelaide enters Darwin Harbour as part of the Indo-Pacific Endeavour Joint Task Group 2017.

HMA Ships Adelaide and Toowoomba have arrived in Darwin, en route to the Indo-Pacific region as part of an 11-week deployment that will further enhance military cooperation with some of Australia’s key regional partners.

The amphibious giant and Anzac frigate are two of the six vessels and 1,300 personnel, forming the largest coordinated task group to deploy to the region for over 40 years.

On 4 September, HMA Ships Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Parramatta, Toowoomba and Sirius sailed out of Sydney with Army force elements and Australian Defence Force helicopters on board.

Since then, the Task Group has completed amphibious landing craft and aviation training with the Singaporean and United States Navies.

During her three day visit to Darwin, Adelaide will embark the final humanitarian aid and disaster relief response capability elements to support the Task Group’s deployment throughout the South East Asia region.

The activity across the region demonstrates Australia’s ability to support humanitarian assistance and disaster responses. Elements of the Task Group will visit Brunei, Cambodia, the Federated States of Micronesia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Timor-Leste.

More than a year in the planning, the deployment named Indo-Pacific Endeavour is part of Australia’s ongoing efforts to promote security and stability in the region through bilateral and multilateral engagement, training, and capacity building.

For imagery associated with the deployment visit: http://images.defence.gov.au/S20172100