AUSINDEX ticks all the boxes

Published on Ms Claudia Harrison (author), LSIS Bradley Darvill (photographer)

Topic(s): Exercise AUSINDEX

Able Seaman Communication and Information Systems Adam Lynch mans the tactical communications station on HMAS Arunta's bridge. (photo: LSIS Bradley Darvill)
Able Seaman Communication and Information Systems Adam Lynch mans the tactical communications station on HMAS Arunta's bridge.

Able Seaman Communications and Information Systems Adam Lynch, who grew up in Rockingham, Western Australia, has been in the Royal Australian Navy for three years, and with his current deployment is now starting to see a bit more of the world. 

Other than his initial training, he didn’t have to move too far from home as he has lived in Baldivis, Western Australia, since being posted to HMAS Arunta. With the North East Asian deployment Arunta is currently on, it is a great opportunity for this sailor to travel.

“I joined the Navy because I have always wanted to travel the world, go to sea and meet new people," Able Seaman Lynch said. 

"With this deployment, I have now been able to tick off all three of these.

"I will also have the chance to go to Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea and Indonesia,” he said.

Able Seaman Lynch joined the Navy to specialise in Communications and Information Systems at HMAS Cerberus. Including Recruit School, he spent 14 months at HMAS Cerberus being trained in all aspects of maritime communications. 

“Within the communications branch on board Arunta, there are many different roles and responsibilities that I hold. 

"I am a member of the Arunta boarding party, and in this I am responsible for all portable communications that go between the boarding party and the ship,” Able Seaman Lynch said.

“I am also one of Arunta’s ‘swimmers of the watch’. 

"My role is to be the person who jumps into the ocean to help whoever has fallen over the side in the event of a man overboard." 

The communications team is responsible for external communications which includes, email, internet, visual communications (flags and flashing light), satellite tracking and the maintaining of classified information.

Able Seaman Lynch will be able to practice all these activities on board Arunta during the sea phase of the bilateral maritime exercise between Australia and India, AUSINDEX15, currently underway in India.

AUSINDEX15, which involves HMA Ships Arunta and Sirius, as well as submarine HMAS Sheean, started with briefings and practical demonstrations ashore, before progressing to sea for surface and anti-submarine warfare and coordinated anti-submarine exercises. 

After AUSINDEX15 and the North East Asian deployment, Able Seaman Lynch says he would like to start his training to become a Maritime Warfare Officer.  He would eventually like to serve in HMAS Hobart, which will be one of the Royal Australian Navy’s new destroyers.