Embracing opportunities in India

Published on Ms Claudia Harrison (author), LSIS Bradley Darvill (photographer)

Sub Lieutenant Maritime Logistics Officer Stephanie Baulch checks HMAS Arunta's canteen books. (photo: LSIS Bradley Darvill)
Sub Lieutenant Maritime Logistics Officer Stephanie Baulch checks HMAS Arunta's canteen books.

As members of the ship's company of HMAS Arunta start to prepare for a bilateral maritime activity between Australia and India, 24 year-old Sub Lieutenant Maritime Logistics Officer Stephanie Baulch, is excited about the opportunities this will bring to interact with another Navy.

Sub Lieutenant Baulch is an Assistant Maritime Logistics Officer on board Arunta, which is currently in India for the exercise. While she is still studying towards her Primary Qualification in the field of logistics, she currently performs a wide range of jobs within the logistics department of the ship. 

“One of my main roles is managing the finances on board, which includes our ship’s canteen but I also assist in organising official functions on board, so I am very excited about the prospect of hosting official functions during this deployment with the Indian Navy,” Sub-Lieutenant Baulch said.

“My job is highly social and I love that I get to interact with most of the ships’ company on a daily basis.

“This deployment will enable me to do even more of what I love, so I am thrilled,” she said.

The Upper Caboolture girl joined the Royal Australian Navy seven years ago through the Gap Year Program upon completion of high school because she wanted to travel before going to University. She changed over to be Maritime Logistics Officer and attended the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra, where she majored in Indonesian. 

“This was when I first got to achieve my goal of travelling overseas, as I was given the opportunity to do a six month exchange posting to the Indonesian Defence School of Languages while I was at the Academy.

“Since then I have deployed on Operations RESOLUTE and RENDER SAFE and last year I had an exchange posting in Indonesia. 

“Now, with this North East Asian deployment, I consider myself to be very lucky,” said Sub Lieutenant Baulch.

HMAS Arunta is one of three Royal Australian Navy vessels, two ships and a submarine, who have made the passage to India for the exercise.

When Sub Lieutenant Baulch returns home from this deployment, she will be catching up with friends and a cousin who live in Bunbury, and is already looking forward to spending Christmas with her family.