Defence raises 'Safebase' alert level

Published on Chief of the Defence Force Air Chief Marshall Mark Binskin (author)

The SAFEBASE alert level across Defence has been raised to CHARLIE. (photo: )
The SAFEBASE alert level across Defence has been raised to CHARLIE.

On 12 September 2014, based on advice from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Prime Minister raised the National Terrorism Public Alert Level to HIGH.
This means that the risk of a terrorist attack on Australia is likely; but there is no known imminent threat.
Most Australians will not notice any difference in their daily life and Prime Minister Abbott has assured the public that "normal life in Australia can and must go on." The raised security level is likely to result in increased security at airports and a larger police presence at significant public events.
As a precaution, and consistent with the change to the National Terrorism Public Alert Level, Defence has decided to raise the alert level at all our bases and establishments.
The measures implemented will vary from base to base. The main impact families are likely to see will be delays when entering a base. When visiting a base, be sure to carry your ID card and/or photo identification.
If you have any queries regarding these changes, in the first instance, you should direct them to your Service partner or the designated point of contact in your partner’s unit or base.

  • If you are not aware of a point of contact in your partner’s unit you can call the Defence Service Centre on 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362); or
  • If your partner is currently deployed on operations or on exercise you can call the National Welfare Coordination Centre, which provides a 24 hour support, referral and information service for families of Defence personnel deployed on operations and exercises on 1800 801 026 or + 61 2 6127 1812.

If you see something anywhere that makes you feel concerned or uncomfortable, report the issue by contacting the National Security Hotline on 1800 123400. If the situation is an emergency, call the police on 000.
The National Security Hotline is the single point of contact for the public to report possible signs of terrorism. It also provides information to callers on a wide range of national security matters.