Sirius celebration for a milestone birthday

Published on SBLT Samantha Brandstater (author)

Topic(s): HMAS Sirius (A266), Replenishment at Sea (RAS)

HMAS Sirius ship’s company celebrate Sirius’ 13th birthday in the RAS Control Room. (photo: Unknown)
HMAS Sirius ship’s company celebrate Sirius’ 13th birthday in the RAS Control Room.

With the recent departure of older siblings HMA Ships Success, Newcastle and later this month, HMAS Melbournethe average age of the Royal Australian Navy’s ships has lowered and HMAS Sirius is in her prime!

This month the ship’s company celebrated Sirius’s 13th birthday.

The tanker’s Commanding Officer, Commander Melanie Verho, along with the youngest member of the ship’s company, Able Seaman Maritime Logistics Chef Bronte Seng, and the youngest trainee, Midshipman Cinead Finall, cut a ‘Siriusly’ grand birthday cake at a clear lower deck.

After the usual birthday happy snaps, members of ship’s company quickly demolished the cake, superbly made by the ship’s Chefs, before returning to work to conduct preparations for an upcoming deployment.

Able Seaman Seng, having just posted in to Sirius, said she thoroughly enjoyed the celebration. 

“It was a privilege to celebrate such a momentous milestone for Sirius.

“The cake was fantastic, Petty Officer Maritime Logistics Chef Hayden MacKenzie did such a brilliant job,” Able Seaman Seng said.

As the last replenishment ship in the Royal Australian Navy until HMA Ships Supply and Stalwart are commissioned, Sirius has a busy schedule ahead of her.

Throughout her career, Sirius has completed numerous international deployments, performing her primary role of conducting Replenishments at Sea (RAS).

Sirius conducted her 613th RAS with HMAS Toowoomba the week before she officially became a teenager.

While some may worry she will become a terrible teen, Sirius’ ship’s company forecast some terrific trips for this adventurous teenager before she flies the nest in 2021.