Nominations sought for Navy Leadership Development Workshops

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Nominations are being sought for Navy Leadership Development Workshop 3 Making Headway and the Navy Strategic Leadership program.

The completion of one of these workshops for Captains, Commanders, Lieutenant Commanders, Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers is a condition of promotion and there is an ongoing competency requirement for those ranks to complete the current version of NLDW every three years.

Making Headway is the latest Leadership Development Workshop for members engaged in Navy Cultural change. It builds on the focus of Navy Leadership Development Workshop 1 (NLDW) Self Awareness and NLDW 2 Connected Leadership, by focusing on Challenging Leadership.

The Making Headway Workshop is a key component of the activities in the Navy Leadership and Culture Development (DNLCD) program. The DNLCD mission ‘to enhance Navy’s ability to fight and win at sea through positive cultural change’ is achieved through activities, outputs and initiatives. The outcome is a constructive Navy culture that maximises individual engagement, motivation and teamwork, focused on unit adaptability and performance to deliver capability.

Key modules of the Making Headway Workshop cover the concepts of coaching conversations, unconscious bias and innovation. Participants also have the opportunity to undertake a 360 degree report.

In order for participants to gain maximum benefit from Making Headway, it must be completed between twelve months and three years after participating in a previous NLDW. Making Headway is a stand-alone product, available in key geographical locations by nominating online.

The Navy Strategic Leaders Program (NSLP) is the third evolution of a leadership program intervention for Navy Captains and high level APS members, primarily in the Department of Defence, but increasingly from other Federal Government Departments. The program is based on a range of activities, theoretical models and scenarios relevant to senior leadership development in the Department of Defence.

The training is facilitated by DNLCD using facilitators and coaches, and is supported by external resources including professional actors, and internationally recognised subject matter experts. The NSLP has been designed for Navy Captains, invited senior Commanders, Command Warrant Officers, and their APS equivalents. 

Further details can be obtained from the DNLCD website on the DRN

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