Australia and Singapore complete Exercise SINGAROO

Published on LCDR Mark Janiszewski (author and photographer)

Location(s): Singapore

Topic(s): HMAS Stuart (F153), HMAS Sirius (A266), Exercise SINGAROO

HMA Ships Stuart and Sirius (right) and Republic of Singapore Navy Ships Valiant and Vigour sail in company during Exercise SINGAROO.

 (photo: LCDR Mark Janiszewski)
HMA Ships Stuart and Sirius (right) and Republic of Singapore Navy Ships Valiant and Vigour sail in company during Exercise SINGAROO.

HMA Ships Stuart and Sirius have joined the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) corvettes RSS Valiant and Vigour for Exercise SINGAROO, a two day maritime exercise in waters off Singapore. 

The biennial exercise aims to develop a better understanding and working relationship between the Royal Australian Navy and the RSN in the conduct of maritime exercises, while providing the opportunity to enhance professional interaction between personnel from the two Navies.

Commanding Officer Stuart, Commander Chris Leece, said the exercise enhanced the professional and personal ties formed during the recent Exercise Kakadu 18, in which both countries participated. 

“Exercise SINGAROO builds on the already strong ties between Australia and Singapore,” Commander Leece said.

“The training serials tested our warfare skills, enhanced our interoperability with the Singapore Navy and gave us an opportunity to build personal relationships.”

Stuart’s Principle Warfare Officer, Lieutenant James Knight, was excited to participate in the warfare serials.

“The serials, consisting of a live fire surface engagement and a simulated over-the-horizon engagement, were well coordinated and executed,” Lieutenant Knight said. 

“For the over-the-horizon engagement, Stuart and Vigour were placed against Sirius and Valiant.

Stuart’MH-60R was deployed with one of Vigour’s unmanned aerial vehicles, a first for both countries utilising both manned and unmanned surveillance aircraft, proving interoperability between the two countries.”

A personnel transfer was conducted on both days of the exercise, allowing ships company of both navies to experience life on board each other’s vessels. 1st Sergeant Joshua Yeo (Vigour), on his second Exercise SINGAROO, visited Stuart. He said he was excited to visit an Australian warship and was looking forward to meeting the crew.

ABET Bailey Fisher (Stuart) visited Vigour and said the Singaporeans were very friendly.

“A highlight of the visit was observing Vigour’s gunnery team engage a surface target with their Mk76 gun,” AB Fisher said.

Stuart and Sirius will now proceed to Exercise BERSAMA LIMA as part of the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA). The FPDA is a multilateral organisation that fosters interoperability amongst Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.