Deployment dedicated to family and friends

Published on LEUT Harley Slatter (author), POIS Yuri Ramsey (photographer)

Location(s): Fleet Base East

Topic(s): Operation MANITOU, Fleet Base East, HMAS Warramunga (F152)

Able Seaman Electronics Technician Jake Yarnold conducts maintenance on the Vertical Launch System in HMAS Warramunga.  (photo: POIS Yuri Ramsey)
Able Seaman Electronics Technician Jake Yarnold conducts maintenance on the Vertical Launch System in HMAS Warramunga.
Able Seaman Electronics Technician Jake Yarnold is gearing up for his first taste of operational experience as part of the ship’s company of HMAS Warramunga.
Warramunga, an Anzac class frigate and her ship’s company of 190 will leave Sydney’s Fleet Base East this week for a nine-month deployment to the north Indian Ocean and the Middle East region.
Mateship is a big influence on how Able Seaman Yarnold came to choose a career in Navy, on completing high-school.
The 21-year-old said he chose to become a sailor after a mate joined the Navy two years ago and spoke of his love for the service.
“The mateship and camaraderie on this deployment is something we’re all looking forward to the most,” he said.
As an electronics technician Able Seaman Yarnold understands the skills and focus he will need to bring to his role on this trip.
“Planned maintenance prevents equipment from breaking down, corrective maintenance, is what we do when it does break down, it means I’ll have to crack out the tools and find the electronic component that is broken,” he said.
Able Seaman Yarnold works with the ship’s vital defensive weapons systems such as the vertical launch system, harpoon missiles, torpedoes and other defensive systems, his training and ability to effectively fault-find, diagnose and repair, are invaluable assets that forms part of the crew.
His experience in the Royal Australian Navy has also influenced other family members with one cousin recently joining as a medic and another seriously considering a career as a marine technician.
Able Seaman Yarnold is not quite sure where his career will take him, but said family will play a key role in his future decisions.
“My wife and family are why I’m serving, this deployment is also about them.”
Warramunga is the second Royal Australian Navy ship to bear the name. The first was a Tribal class destroyer that served with distinction in the Second World War, the Malayan Insurgency and Korea.

Warramunga will join Operation MANITIOU as Australia’s contribution to the Combined Maritime Forces in the region.  She replaces guided missile frigate, HMAS Newcastle, and is set for return to Australia the middle of 2018.