Perth puts on the power

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Petty Officer Medical Samone Black bench pressing during the HMAS Perth powerlifting competition.  (photo: ABIS Richard Cordell)
Petty Officer Medical Samone Black bench pressing during the HMAS Perth powerlifting competition.

In the scorching heat of Bahrain, clanking of iron and grunts of effort have been heard emanating between decks in HMAS Perth.

While on deployment in the Middle East as part of Operation MANITOU, Perth’s ship’s company conducted a power lift competition.

Officers and sailors gathered to see the ship’s athletes test themselves against the iron to prove who could shift the most weight and compete for the title of ‘Perth’s Strongest’.

The field was split into four categories; men’s lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight and the women’s category.

Each contestant had three attempts to lift the most weight in the three main power lifts of; the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

Following a brief on safe lifting, the men’s lightweight and women’s categories competed first.

After the first round, the big boys stepped up and more weight was added to the bar.

The final lift of the day was the deadlift, where the most amount of weight was moved.

Able Seaman Maritime Logistics - Chef Ben Lindsay, was crowned winner of the men’s middleweight section.

“It was great to see so many people involved in this well planned and executed powerlifting competition. Everyone is already asking when the next competition will take place,” Able Seaman Lindsay said.

The competition was the brain child of Perth’s Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander Adam Cooper, who is an accomplished competition power-lifter. Lieutenant Commander Cooper was pleased the activity contributed to improving mood, fitness and resilience.

“I enjoyed coaching and offering encouragement to the competitors. It was great that this initiative positively contributed to our deployment ‘health and wellness’ campaign,” Lieutenant Commander Cooper said.

Operation MANITOU is the Australian Defence Force contribution to support international efforts to promote maritime security, stability and prosperity in the Middle East region.
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And the winners are…

Women’s category

PO Medic Samone Black
Total lifted: 200kg

Men’s lightweight category

LSML-C Miko ‘The Pocket Rocket’ Estares
Total lifted: 390kg

Men’s middleweight category

ABML-C Ben ‘The Mack Truck’ Lindsay
Total lifted: 485kg

Men’s heavyweight category

LS Bradley ‘The Silverback’ Thomas
Total lifted: 537.5kg

Best squat

LSET Bradley Thomas
Total lifted: 182.5kg

Best deadlift

LSET Bradley Thomas
Total lifted: 215kg

Best bench press

LEUT Richard Morris and LSCSO Ryan Maris
Total lifted: 140kg