Raising the bar

Published on LSIS Lee-Anne Mack (author), SGT William Guthrie (photographer), POIS Paul Berry (photographer), ABIS Julianne Cropley (photographer)

Warrant Officer Graeme Gibney makes an Ocsober donation to Healthy Harold at HMAS Harman.  (photo: SGT William Guthrie)
Warrant Officer Graeme Gibney makes an Ocsober donation to Healthy Harold at HMAS Harman.

Passing the half way mark of the 2014 Ocsober campaign, 169 Navy members are meeting the challenge of saying ‘no’ to alcohol and spreading the message to keep fit and healthy.

This year, Ocsober is all about finding your personal will power to say ‘no’ and in doing so raise funds that will be used to empower Australian children to make healthier and safer choices as they grow up.

This year’s aim of the Life Education national campaign is to raise over $1 million during the month of October to help 'Healthy Harold' educate schoolchildren across Australia.

Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett said that supporting those who signed up for the 31 day challenge was as important as focusing on your own health and fitness.

"As Ocsober draws to its conclusion, I want to thank all those who have participated, and remind others that it is not too late to show your support to your mates engaged in raising funds for such a worthwhile charity," he said.

Navy members across the country so far have raised almost $16,000, with more donations coming in daily to support education and positively affect the Australian drinking culture in the future.

For 35 years, Life Education and its team of educators have been teaching Australian children how to find their own will power and make safer and healthier choices about drug and alcohol use.

Ocsober is also an important opportunity to highlight the dangers of binge drinking and alcohol abuse, among young Australians.  

Navy actively supports the Ocsober initiative annually to encourage safe and healthy habits for both serving members and the broader community.

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