Navy enter their videos for a chance to win a GoPro camera kit

Published on LEUT James McPherson (author), LSIS Kayla Jackson (photographer)

Topic(s): Recruitment, Defence Force Recruiting

Leading Seaman Aircrewmen Sam Greenland (left) and Clare Lassam on the flight line at 725 Squadron, HMAS Albatross.
 (photo: LSIS Kayla Jackson)
Leading Seaman Aircrewmen Sam Greenland (left) and Clare Lassam on the flight line at 725 Squadron, HMAS Albatross.
Navy members are getting behind the Deputy Chief of Navy’s Recruiting Video Competition with a number of submissions already being received ahead of the 30 November deadline.
The initiative open to all Navy members, and members of other services posted to a Navy Unit, has already uncovered some excellent entries that give an inside look at life at sea and ashore.
Competition co-ordinator, LCDR Darren Mallett, said that everyone in Navy can be a recruiter and the videos that expand on any aspect of Navy life are in line to win one of three GoPro Black camera kits worth in excess of $500 each.
“The quality of video production and editing in submissions so far had been outstanding – clearly there is an abundance of video production talent within Navy,” LCDR Mallett said.
“We are looking forward to seeing more entries that help show potential recruits what the experience in Navy is like and how proud our members are to do their jobs.
“In a very short time, a small team of people can easily put together an exciting video on the best aspects of being in Navy.”
LCDR Mallett said there is still plenty of time for entries to be produced and submitted before the deadline.
“This is potentially a great team-building opportunity,” he said.
“Video production these days is within easy access for anyone with a mobile phone but it is still important to apply good film making principles when producing a compelling clip.
“For social media, if the viewer’s interest is not grabbed within the first few seconds, they are likely to move on, so we are certainly looking for visually exciting and dynamic videos that take the viewer on a journey from the very first frame.”
“Deputy Chief of Navy will be judging the entries and the winners that will be announced before the end of the year might see their videos used by DFR to recruit the next generation of Navy members.”
Videos should be one to two minutes in duration and be produced with the endorsement of individual commands. To receive the drop box link for submission, Navy members are to send an email with your rank, name and unit to
For more information and to see a couple of example videos (not other entries – that wouldn’t be fair), see this link