‘Eyes and ears’ determined and ready to shine

Published on LEUT Will Singer (author), CPOIS Damian Pawlenko (photographer)

Location(s): HMAS Stirling

Topic(s): Recruit School, HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Toowoomba (F156)

Seaman Combat Systems Operator Adeel Patel at Fleet Base West, Western Australia. (photo: CPOIS Damian Pawlenko)
Seaman Combat Systems Operator Adeel Patel at Fleet Base West, Western Australia.

The lure of an adventurous and an unrivalled career was enough motivation for a recruit to ‘pull out all the stops’ before heading to HMAS Cerberus for the 11 weeks of Recruit School.

Through dogged determination, Seaman Combat Systems Operator Adeel Patel shed over 40 kilograms before joining the Navy and graduating as dux from the Combat Systems Operator Basic Course a few months later. 

Also an Aerospace Engineering graduate, Seaman Patel said that completing Recruit School left him with a huge sense of achievement.

“I wanted a career that was challenging and adventurous – the Navy offered exactly that,” he said.

“I am personally very proud of the fact that I transformed, both physically and mentally, before joining the Navy.

“I went through a 24 months fitness regime which was by far the hardest thing I have achieved – but it had to be done,” Seaman Patel said.

Using his determination and commitment to push through all physical and mental barriers during initial training, Seaman Patel eased into Navy routine and adapted to the changes. 

“The most difficult part for me is being so far from friends and family; it is hard at times but like most things in life you learn to deal with it,” he said.

He has joined HMAS Toowoomba’s maritime warfare team in the role of Surface Picture Supervisor.

“My role as Navy’s eyes and ears is particularly important for safe navigation and informing command of hostile war ships within our proximity,” he said.

“At sea my job will be reporting on new surface contacts, assisting with safe navigation and maintaining awareness of nearby vessels.

“Navy provides us with comprehensive training and it is an unrivalled job with a sense of purpose.

“It’s an exciting new dimension to my life and career that provides plenty of opportunities for sport and volunteer work,” he said.  

Utilising his skills and knowledge gained at Recruit School and his initial role, Seaman Patel is focused on a long-term career in the Navy.

“My current ambition is to utilise my degree qualification to become a Marine Engineering Officer and to progress in the engineering field.

“I know this will be an exciting and fulfilling career for me,” he said. 

In his down time, Seaman Patel continues to stay physically and mentally fit.

“I play soccer, try to stay current with what’s happening around the world and with Navy, go to the gym and study to become a great naval officer,” he said. 

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