Anzac exchange proves rewarding

This article has photo gallery Published on LCDR Fiona Eggins (author), CPOEW Martin Anderson (photographer)

Location(s): Singapore

Topic(s): HMAS Warramunga (F152)

LT Blair Marett (RNZN) taking a fix on the centreline paloris. (photo: CPOEW Martin Anderson)
LT Blair Marett (RNZN) taking a fix on the centreline paloris.

A Royal New Zealand Navy officer, has been awarded an Anzac class platform endorsement in Australian frigate, HMAS Warramunga, as the ship was alongside in Singapore recently.

Lieutenant Blair Marett posted on exchange to the Royal Australian Navy late last year to undertake the final phase of the Junior Warfare Application Course at Sydney base, HMAS Watson, and was awarded his Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate in June.

Joining Warramunga thereafter, Lieutenant Marett said he was fortunate to arrive in time for a busy overseas deployment.

“Almost as soon as I posted in, we set sail for Exercise RIMPAC in Hawaii," he said.

"Following that we took part in exercises KAKADU and BERSAMA LIMA, spent time on Operation RESOLUTE and visited a number of ports in South East Asia including Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.

“Being onboard over such a busy period really allowed me to develop my bridge skills across a wide range of maritime operations and operating environments,” Lieutenant Marrett said.

“Achieving my platform endorsement in Warramunga has been a highlight of my career so far. I look forward to the remainder of my time on exchange with the Australian Navy.”

Commanding OfficerWarramunga, Commander Dugald Clelland congratulated Lieutenant Marrett on achieving his platform endorsement.

“This is a significant achievement in any young Maritime Warfare Officer’s career but particularly so, for an officer serving in a foreign Navy.”

Australia and New Zealand often conduct military exchanges to strengthen relationships and enable common practice on which to draw for operations such as the recent support to relief operations in Kaikoura.