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Published on PO Ann-Maree Anderson (author), POIS Phil Cullinan (photographer)

Topic(s): Navy Engineering

Petty Officer Ann-Maree Anderson views the Technet website on Forcenet. (photo: POIS Phil Cullinan)
Petty Officer Ann-Maree Anderson views the Technet website on Forcenet.

The Navy engineering community is connecting across the fleet through a secure online portal to encourage innovation and discussion.

'TechNet' has been established within the Department of Defence ForceNet secure social media platform as a hub for engineering ideas and information - available to uniform and non uniform members across the Department.

Command Warrant Officer - Navy Engineering, Warrant Officer Rob Drew explained that the ability to access content via desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones was providing potential for a geographically dislocated workforce to share ideas and experiences.

"All personnel who are involved in or have an interest in the naval engineering discipline are welcome to join," he said.

"It also provides an avenue for members to float ideas by which engineering and maintenance practices and outcomes can be improved.

“Many of our practitioners do not have regular access to the Defence Network as they are in workshops, on ships, in shipyards or in the Naval Reserve and TechNet gives them the opportunity to stay connected with the Naval Engineering discipline.”

Head of Navy Engineering, Rear Admiral Mick Uzzell, said that the opportunity to connect would allow for personnel to have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

"A range of information regarding engineering and maintenance practice, technology, and technology developments will be placed on TechNet to keep the community informed about changes to policy and procedures," he said.

"I am confident that every sailor, officer and public servant in our community will benefit from this initiative and Navy will be better prepared to fight and win at sea as a result."

Whilst TechNet has been established for those involved in Naval Engineering other interested defence personnel are welcome to register for membership.

Defence personnel can register for a ForceNet account at and a registration email will be sent to their personal email recorded in PMKeyS. Once registered just search for TechNet.