Gate to Gate Fun Run success

Published on Ms Eliza Bavin (author), ABIS Bonny Gassner (photographer)

Location(s): HMAS Penguin, NSW

Topic(s): HMAS Penguin, Charities, Fundraising & Community, Running

Participants sprint off as a part of the the annual HMAS Penguin Gate to Gate Fun Run. (photo: ABIS Bonny Gassner)
Participants sprint off as a part of the the annual HMAS Penguin Gate to Gate Fun Run.

One hundred and three people took part in this years Gate to Gate Fun Run event at HMAS Penguin.

In the open category, Corporal Leigh Morsink was the first male across the line, while Helen Young took the female title. In the Penguin section, Seaman Adrian Hewson beat out the other competitors and Lieutenant Megan Hoare was the first female from Penguin.

Event organiser Leading Seaman Physical Trainer Holly Bradshaw says 5km course is tough, but beautiful.

“Mosman is one of my favourite areas to run and the Gate to Gate has it all - the scenery is divine and there is a gruelling stair run right in the middle of the race. The steps are very steep, just when you think its over you turn the corner and there are more stairs. This makes it a challenge for even the best runners, so it’s a great way for people to challenge themselves,” LS Bradshaw said.

The race has a reputation and attracts people from outside the service.

“I have had a lot of feed back from competitors that it was a fun day. Not only the ADF members but also the local police and Mosman council workers who competed had a great day and are looking forward to the next one,” said LS Bradshaw.

The first Gate to Gate Race took place in 1978, which makes this run the second oldest running competition, behind the Bonshaw Cup, which was first contested in 1963.

The Fun Run originated from Penguin personnel who were involved in early morning training. They conducted a short scenic run that saw them continuously run around the circuit. The race has evolved over the years into the 5km run that now takes place annually.

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