New Generation Navy helps people to communicate well and regularly

Published on Ms Eliza Bavin (author)

Topic(s): New Generation Navy (NGN), Navy Values & Signature Behaviours

WO Darren Murray having a performance conversation with LS David Broadhurst in front of tool control. (photo: WO Darren Murray)
WO Darren Murray having a performance conversation with LS David Broadhurst in front of tool control.

Over the past 18 months, the New Generation Navy's (NGN) Embed Signature Behaviours (ESB) Team has delivered Crucial Performance Conversations Courses (CPCC) across Australia to help Navy people to communicate more effectively. Recently, the ESB Team enabled Navy's overseas personnel to take advantage of this training.

The CPCC is aimed at line supervisors of Leading Seaman, Petty Officer and Lieutenant ranks. So far, over 60 per cent of all Leading Seaman and Lieutenants, and over 75 per cent of Petty Officers have completed the course. Additionally, over 200 motivated local leaders of mixed ranks have undertaken CPCC Facilitator Training, allowing courses to be run in each location. This approach is not only cost-conscious; it allows local facilitators to better contextualise the course material for their peers.

Warrant Officer (WO) Gary Fuss, who works within ESB said, “We are looking at those people who are keen and eager to instruct others within their units, and believe their influence - leading by example - can make a positive difference to their workplaces.”

The course builds on the Chief of Navy's 'Truth in Reporting' Challenge and aims to equip participants with the skills they need to have honest and constructive performance discussions.

“If you demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills, you will naturally inspire others to do the same even without trying. Good communication skills are contagious,” said WO Fuss of why the course is important.

“If you are a catalyst to having good conversation at work, you can also expect your colleagues and consequently, the entire Navy to be a team that works.”

The courses are now travelling to Navy personnel around the world as around five CCPC Facilitators have just been posted to the US Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, where 725 Squadron can now be taught the courses.

WO Darren Murray from 725 Squadron said “We are a new Squadron, but now we are self-sustained. We obviously can't go to Fleet Headquarters to take part in the courses, so it was important to have some trained trainers here to pass on the information.”