Tri-service family reunion

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Location(s): Rockingham

Topic(s): Centenary of Anzac, Anzac Day

From left, Leanne Codner, Private Elyza Codner, Seaman Jack Codner, Corporal Scott Codner and Greg Codner. (photo: Unknown)
From left, Leanne Codner, Private Elyza Codner, Seaman Jack Codner, Corporal Scott Codner and Greg Codner.

Anzac Day this year was the first time Leanne and Greg Codner had seen their three children together in uniform, making the commemorations in Western Australia effectively a family reunion for the travelling pair who are travelling around Australia in a motor-home.

Seaman Maritime Logistics - Supply Chain Jack Codner is a member of Joint Logistics Unit (West) based in Rockingham said that it was their first time that their family converged in uniform together with both parents attending and the opportunity to lay a wreath for their representing service one after the other.

“We didn't plan to all be in the defence force - it just happened,” Seaman Codner said.

“We have an unspoken rule in the family on where you have to find your own path.

“It was also my first Anzac Day so it couldn't have gone any better to have my entire family there,” he said.

He joined the Navy in June last year from a childhood in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

The Codner family attended the Anzac Day events at the City of Cockburn RSL Sub Branch and laid their respective weaths at the service following the parade.

The eldest of the children, Corporal Scott Codner who works at 1 Combat Communication Squadron in Amberley, Queensland as an Air Force Communications Electronics Technician said that it was very exciting to be next to his brother and sister in their respective uniforms for the first time.

“Being able to participate in the Anzac Day services with my brother and sister while our parents watched in the crowd definitely stirred some emotions deep down,” Corporal Codner said.

Sister Private Elyza Codner, 26 is an Army Medical Technician at 1 Close Health Company - Robertson Barracks said that Anzac Day was extra special for her.

“Being able to stand along side my two best friends, my older brother Scott and my younger brother Jack is something I struggle to put into words,” Private Codner said.

“Proud is something that definitely comes to mind but also a privilege to be share such a special day with my family.

“Once I enlisted into the Army we always joked that maybe Jack should try for the Navy and now here we are.

“It's pretty cool to be honest and this Anzac Day will go do in history as such a memorable day for the Codner family,” she said.

Joint Logistics Unit (West) has participated in City of Cockburn RSL Sub Branch commemorative activities regularly since 2015 and welcomed the two additional Codners to their unit ranks on this memorable occasion.