Anzac tidies up during assessment phase

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Topic(s): HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Watson, HMAS Anzac (F150), Exercise OCEAN EXPLORER

Anzac hoists a broom as a symbolic gesture of achieving a “clean sweep” during her Unit Readiness Evaluation. (photo: ABBM Thomas Darcy)
Anzac hoists a broom as a symbolic gesture of achieving a “clean sweep” during her Unit Readiness Evaluation.

HMAS Anzac hoisted a broom as a symbolic gesture of achieving a 'clean sweep' during her recent unit readiness evaluation, with all departments onboard demonstrating the required standard.
In the naval context, a 'clean sweep' refers to having completed a successful mission, and is indicated by the hanging of a broom from the mast of a ship or lashing it to the periscope of a submarine.
In the days of sail, it symbolised having 'swept the enemy from the seas'.
Commanding Officer, Commander Michael Devine said the achievement was the culmination of six months of hard work and dedication by the ship’s company.
“The achievement of Unit Readiness is meaningful for the men and women in Anzac as it represents total unit competence," he said.
"Strategically, it means the Australian Defence Force is well equipped with yet another fully prepared, and potent, fighting ship.
Anzac can now confidently be deployed in a vast array of maritime operations around the world.
“The ship’s company and the Australian public can have confidence in her ability to counter a wide range of maritime threats and represent Navy and Australia abroad."
Maritime Warfare Officer Lieutenant Matt Featherstone who posted to Anzac from training at Sydney base, HMAS Watson, in January, said it was a challenging period with exposure to a vast range of contingencies.
“It included a wide variety of war fighting and damage control scenarios while working on the bridge,” he said.
“This allowed me to consolidate the skills I learned in the bridge simulator and put them into practise in more realistic ocean going scenarios.”
 managed to achieve the milestone while simultaneously taking apart in the inaugural Exercise OCEAN EXPLORER off the south west coast of Australia.
Augmenting the ranks of Anzac during the busy period were 10 electronics technicians, fresh from training at Victorian base, HMAS Cerberus.
“They were eager to learn and their efforts were noticed not only by the crew but also by the assessors,” Commander Devine said.
“They enthusiastically took part in whole ship evolutions and the multitude of damage control exercises that are the staple of any workup.”
Seaman Electronics Technician Liam Warren said it was a valuable experience to be a part of 'Team Anzac'.
“It’s great to see so many sailors and officers come together to achieve a common goal,” he said.