Navy Lawn Bowls on a wining streak

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Warrant Officer Eric 'Shadey' Lane during the finals of the Victorian RSL State Triples Championships. (photo: LSIS Neil Richards)
Warrant Officer Eric 'Shadey' Lane during the finals of the Victorian RSL State Triples Championships.

The Victorian section of the Navy's Lawn Bowls Team is celebrating success having won the RSL State Triples competition after intense qualifying rounds held over three weeks. 

Over 80 teams from across Victoria competed with each regional winner going through to the final, held at the Mulgrave RSL Bowling Club on 19 February.

After three games at each event, winners were decided by the team with the most wins. Multiple three game winners then played off until a single regional winner was determined. The top four winners over the qualifying rounds were Tatura (Hill Top) Bowls Club, Essendon, Sale and the team from HMAS Cerberus

President of the Royal Australian Navy Victorian Lawn Bowls Club, Warrant Officer Robert Bohm, was proud of the team's achievements and confident they would continue to do Navy proud.

“Some people might chuckle at the idea of lawn bowls as a sport, but it requires a lot of skill, accuracy and team work,” Warrant Officer Bohm said.

“If you want to join a sport that is consistently playing at elite level against the best in Australia, then bowls is the sport to try.”

The day’s competitions were a challenge for the four teams. In the first round of the semi final the Cerberus team came up against a very strong side from the Sale team lead by Australian Services Lawn Bowls Representative, Sergeant Anthony Tapper. The game was won by the Cerberus team in a tight tussle by two shots.

The final was played between the Cerberus and Tatura (Hill Top) teams with skilful bowls placing the team in good position to win the final, but not without some close calls.  The Skip for the Hill Top team endeavoured to draw the shot but missed by the smallest of margins at both attempts. By end of game Cerberus were crowned the champions, having prevailed 9-8 after 15 enthralling ends.

President of the RSL Bowls Association, Mr Herb Mason, praised the Cerberus team for their camaraderie and respect for others both on and off the playing surface while presenting the winning trophy. The Cerberus bowlers are now set to participate in state selection in the RSL State Teams for the Australian Championships which will be held in Launceston in December.