Anzacs sail to commemorate a century of service

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Location(s): Perth, Western Australia

HMNZS Endeavour, takes her position alongside HMAS Anzac (right) while HMNZS Te Kaha waits behind during exercises off the coast of Western Australia. (photo: LSIS Paul McCallum)
HMNZS Endeavour, takes her position alongside HMAS Anzac (right) while HMNZS Te Kaha waits behind during exercises off the coast of Western Australia.

A week after sailing from their home port of Sydney, the crew of HMAS Anzac sailed from Fleet Base West this week on the next leg of their deployment on NORTHERN TRIDENT 2015. 

Anzac’s departure from Fleet Base West was special for many reasons, not the least of which was that she sailed in company with her sister ship HMAS Toowoomba and the Royal New Zealand Navy replenishment ship HMNZS Endeavour

Watching the departure was the Commanding Officer of HMAS Sirius, Commander Darren Grogan. 

“Today HMAS Anzac departed from Fleet Base West on an amazing adventure to Anzac Cove, to represent us all on Anzac Day, in company with HMAS Toowoomba and HMNZS Endeavour. 

“As you would expect, all three ships are commanded by exceptional officers who have committed their lives to the service and their country, and have worked tirelessly to rightly earn their positions. 

“It's good to see that the fact that all three are women is just considered business as usual these days,” Commander Grogan said. 

Following the departure, the ships met up with a third Anzac class frigate, HMNZS Te Kaha, off the Perth coast, marking the beginning of the voyage in company of two sister ships — Anzac and Te Kaha — as they journey together to the Centenary of Anzac commemorative events at Gallipoli and in the Western Mediterranean. 

Anzac’s Commanding Officer, Commander Belinda Wood, noted the significance of the ships from the two long standing allies working together on the departure. 

“One hundred years ago a convoy of Australian and New Zealand ships sailed in company to deliver a fighting force to the allied Great War efforts. 

“Today Anzac and Te Kaha began their journey in company to Gallipoli, where each will represent its country in the commemorative events marking the centenary. 

“Together we are commemorating the history of the Anzac spirit and the losses of all sides in the bloody conflicts at Gallipoli and beyond. 

Te Kaha and Anzac represent living history as they sail together showing that the Australian and New Zealand navies continue to cooperate and build upon the Anzac spirit,” Commander Wood said. 

Having just completed their respective workups for deployment, the crews of Anzac and Te Kaha will continue to hone their seamanship, operations and damage control skills so that they can operate far from their home countries. 

This process began on the first afternoon, with both ships conducting replenishments at sea approaches and manoeuvring exercises with Endeavour, the New Zealand Navy’s replenishment vessel, before Endeavour broke away to proceed her next tasking, while the two Anzac frigates headed off on the road to Gallipoli. 

HMAS Anzac is currently deployed on NORTHERN TRIDENT 2015 during which it will participate in the Centenary of Anzac commemorations in April, followed by a series of important international engagements.