Moreton crew put their backs into preserving Navy history

This article has photo gallery Published on LS Hayden Eyles (author and photographer)

Location(s): Brisbane, QLD

Topic(s): HMAS Moreton, Naval Heritage and History, Community Engagement

Personnel from HMAS Moreton lend a hand at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane. (photo: LS Hayden Eyles)
Personnel from HMAS Moreton lend a hand at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Brisbane.

HMAS Moreton joined forces with the incredible volunteers at the Queensland Maritime Museum on a beautiful winter’s day in June.

Their combined task was to carefully reconfigure and restore several heritage buildings to help bring new capability and life to the captivating museum.

The Maritime Museum was established in the heart of Brisbane in 1971 and has been the quiet retirement home of the World War II frigate HMAS Diamantina (I) since 1980.

Recently, a large support group of former serving members and volunteers joined forces to bring new purpose to the Maritime Museum. The project was started to convert an old storage and tool building into a toilet block and function facility to make it more desirable for the community to share Brisbane’s rich Royal Australian Navy history.

In the spirit of Navy fellowship and Community Engagement, Moreton sent a team of 12 sailors to ‘lend their backs’ to assist with the project.

While some did the ‘heavy lifting’, other more experienced hands took charge of the reconstruction tasks.

It provided a great opportunity for current serving members to show that sailors are adaptive, resourceful and willing to lend a hand regardless of their generation.

Chief Petty Officer Reg Grundy, who has a passion for carpentry and experience with timber, was impressed with the way the various generations were able to work together seamlessly to execute the task.

“We’re all getting into it to get the job done.

“It’s been a great day with great company,” he said.

Meanwhile, Seaman Boatswains Mate Abbey Tidswell couldn’t help but praise the hospitality of the hosts.

“I can’t believe how much effort they’ve gone to to prepare a lunch for us and welcome us to this fantastic spot.

“I hope we get to come out here again,” she said.

The Moreton team returned to base after forging new friendships, trading warries with the ‘old timers’ and having helped start a new chapter for the Queensland Maritime Museum.