Leadership potential on course for Midshipman

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Location(s): HMAS Creswell, HMAS Creswell

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New Entry Officer Course (NEOC) 56 Midshipman Kris Sims after the NEOC graduation parade at HMAS Creswell. (photo: LSIS Justin Brown)
New Entry Officer Course (NEOC) 56 Midshipman Kris Sims after the NEOC graduation parade at HMAS Creswell.

For Midshipman Kris Sims, a career in the military was an easy decision, after hearing tales of his grandfather’s service in the Indonesian military.
At only 17, Midshipman Sims is one of Navy’s youngest officers, recently graduating from the New Entry Officers’ Course at HMAS Creswell.
The 2016 school captain of Urangan State High School in Hervey Bay in Queensland, said he dreamt of a military career, and now his aspiration is a reality.
The five-month course on the New South Wales south coast teaches the skills required to serve as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy both at sea and ashore.
The final parade was a proud moment as he had his mother and siblings watch him graduate.
“It was really special to have my family watch as I graduated,” he said.
“I’m posting to HMAS Stirling in Western Australia where I will work for the Fleet Logistics Support Element looking after Submarines. I plan to specialise as a Maritime Logistics Officer, who looks after the supplies onboard a ship,” he said.
“My grandfather was in the military in Indonesia. He has retired but had a big influence. We also have a close family friend who is a logistics officer, which helped me decide that this was the career for me!”
The excitement of working on Navy’s new ships and being involved in operations that also spiked his interest in military life.
“I joined Navy for the incredible lifestyle which includes being active, making amazing friends and travelling the world,” Midshipman Sims said.
“The variety of sport I can play in the Navy is great and the environment I’ll get to work in is something I find challenging and very exciting.”
Midshipman Sims isn’t the only member of his family drawn to a career in the Australian Defence Force.
“My brother Kym is thinking about joining the Air Force and may end up studying in Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy with me,” Midshipman Sims said.
Each year, two New Entry Officers Courses are run at Creswell, on the shores of Jervis Bay.
During training graduates are taught the knowledge, skills and ethos to be an effective leader in the Australian Defence Force. This includes leadership, seamanship, communications, naval history, physical fitness and weapons handling.