Capability delivery through Naval Reserve

Published on CAPT Frank Kresse (author), ABIS Sarah Ebsworth (photographer)

Topic(s): Strategy

Fleet Base East Garden Island (photo: ABIS Sarah Ebsworth)
Fleet Base East Garden Island

A comprehensive review of the Australian Naval Reserve has delivered 45 recommendations that aim to better integrate the part-time and full-time workforces of the fleet.

This Review was the most comprehensive examination of the Naval Reserve in recent history and is the foundation for the future generation, sustainment, employment and management of the Reserve as a fully integrated, capable and effective component of Navy’s total workforce. 
Chief of Navy has released a ‘Strategic Intent for the Reserve’ which sets the long term direction on the development, management and employment of the Reserve workforce. 
Overall, the Reserve workforce is to be shaped around capability delivery to meet the expanding commitments under theDefence White Paper 2016 and the Integrated Investment Plan.
Additionally, the Review complements the range of workforce initiatives already underway aimed to build a ‘more integrated, diverse and resilient workforce’. 
Naval Reservists will be integrated as part of a total force; offering diverse skills and experience, helping Navy to sustain the delivery of effort required ashore and at sea, in supplementary and complementary roles.
To achieve Chief of Navy’s intent, the work now being actioned covers a broad range of activities from improving Reserve workforce planning (including better shaping demand and supply, and the associated budget) through to improving Reserve career management, flexible training and professional development, all aligned to a ‘Total Workforce Model’.

Commodore Michele Miller, Director General Navy People Branch, said Reservists greatly benefit Navy and Australia.
“As a general principle the people in the Naval Reserve will be better organised and professionally built to contribute to Australia’s maritime defence capability by giving to the Navy niche, complementary, supplementary and surge capabilities designed to meet Navy’s current and future requirements,” she said.
“It’s more important than ever before that we engage the capability of our Reservists in the right roles aligned to capability.
“The level of demand on, and the contribution made by, the Naval Reserve will increase, and therefore there needs to be a greater organisational effort from the local level to the strategic level to value and manage the Naval Reserve as part of our workforce mix.”