Hydrographers show off capability

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Location(s): Cairns

Topic(s): Recruitment, HMAS Cairns, HMAS Melville (A246)

Year 10 students from Malanda State High School visit HMAS Melville as part of an excursion to Cairns. (photo: Unknown)
Year 10 students from Malanda State High School visit HMAS Melville as part of an excursion to Cairns.

Cairns-based Navy personnel have proudly shown off their ship and career paths to a group of students interested in seeing a military lifestyle first hand.
On 25 May, 22 Year 10 students from Malanda State High School had the opportunity to tour HMAS Melville, as part of a larger career-focused school excursion to Cairns.
A tour of naval base HMAS Cairns was requested above other workplaces following the recommendation from previous Year 10 students who had visited the base and had a great experience. 
The visitors were afforded the opportunity to interact with uniformed members in a military environment and tour a ship to get a glimpse of life onboard a Navy vessel. 
Onboard students were treated to a comprehensive tour of the bridge, hydrographic data processing room, wardroom, galley, senior sailor’s cabin and hangar.
A highlight of the tour was the interactive firefighting display where students got to look through a Thermal Imaging Camera, try their hand at the different hose techniques used onboard ships and view Navy personnel dress in full firefighting rig.
The accompanying teacher said it was as an excellent opportunity to implement future excursions to Cairns for Geography students, with a particular focus on the specifics of hydrographic surveying.
Malanda State High School, although over an hour from Cairns, regularly participates in Defence related events in Cairns including the ‘We Will Remember Forum’ 2016.
Opportunities such as this ship tour give Navy the occasion to reward the students for their efforts, while building on their understanding of life in the military and the role of the Navy.
This is so they can formulate a broader awareness of Defence and its role.