Using the ForceNet

Published on LEUT Ben Robinson (author), FLTLT Nick O’Connor (author), POIS Phil Cullinan (photographer)

Able Seaman Steven Bruni visits the Forcenet page on the internet to keep updated on information. (photo: POIS Phil Cullinan)
Able Seaman Steven Bruni visits the Forcenet page on the internet to keep updated on information.

Internal Navy communication and career management will get a significant boost with major improvements to the ForceNet portal.

ForceNet is a secure website that provides access to Defence services and information online. It currently has over 21,000 users who use it for everything from professional group discussions to looking for Reserve work. 

Deputy Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Michael Noonan, said the planned enhancements would usher in a new era of personnel communications to the benefit of all Navy people. 

“ForceNet was initially developed to connect and engage ADF Reservists, however Navy is now giving consideration to how ForceNet can complement a whole of Navy approach, expanding the focus from Reserves to all ADF members and their support networks,” he said. 

Naval Engineering was an early adopter of ForceNet with the establishment of ‘TechNet’ as a Professional Group within ForceNet.
Head Navy Engineering, Rear Admiral Michael Uzzell, said that a range of engineering information regarding maintenance practice and technology had been placed on TechNet.
“Members can access technical articles and participate in a professional forum where those articles and engineering topics can be discussed,” Rear Admiral Uzzell said.
Rear Admiral Noonan said that as part of the planned improvements, ForceNet will become an integral tool for ADF members, Defence APS members, Defence families, Defence Alumni (former ADF and APS members), and members of external support services to interact and collaborate.
“Once the enhancements are fully implemented, it will enable full and part-time employees, Reservists, those looking to re-engage with the Service and the broader Navy community, to all interact on a single platform,” he said.
“Furthermore ForceNet will be a valuable tool in providing information about, and supporting the implementation of Project SUAKIN, through the Total Workforce Model in July this year.”
Rear Admiral Noonan encouraged all ADF members and their families to register as ForceNet members, noting all Active Reserve members were directed that they create, and maintain, a user account by 30 April 2016.

“Users can interact with other Defence members and access important information without needing to access a Defence Protected Network (DPN) workstation or using a DREAMS token. ForceNet allows our people to access important information anywhere and at any time,” he said.

“Reservists are able to search for opportunities through job advertisements and career managers now have the capability to search for Reservists, who have advertised their availability, and match skills to jobs,” he said.

As part of the plan, management of ForceNet moved from Vice Chief of Defence Force Group (Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division) to Chief Information Officer Group (People Systems and Innovation Branch) in May 2016. 
Everyone in Navy is encouraged to register at: