Cross fitness at Cerberus

This article has photo gallery Published on WO Holger van Geelan (author), ABIS Cassie McBride (photographer)

Paticipants and judges of the 2015 Cerberus Cross Fit Championship, held at Cross Fit Dromana, Victoria.  (photo: ABIS Cassie McBride)
Paticipants and judges of the 2015 Cerberus Cross Fit Championship, held at Cross Fit Dromana, Victoria.

Cross fitness enthusiasts from HMAS Cerberus have created their own cross fitness club and held their first championship at the end of May, at local facility Dromana CrossFit.

The competition involved intense heats including three rounds of mixed exercises.

With Cerberus marking 2015 as the year of family and community, Chief Petty Officer Marine Technician Steve Mullin started the club, encouraging others to challenge themselves.

“Cross fitness is a great way to feel good about your health and fitness and it’s well suited to the Navy community,” Chief Petty Officer Mullin said. 

“The program offers an intense variety of exercises, which we can use at sea to maintain and improve fitness.” 

Chief Petty Officer Mullin chose a local centre to make sure the club stayed on task and got the best training available.

Chief Petty Officer Mullin insists CrossFit is not an elite club just for buff athletes and he advises that the ‘workout of the day’ can be tailored to individual ability.

“You don’t need to be fit to start. It might seem like hard yakka to begin with, but you get out what you put in. The trick is to keep turning up and you will see improvements,” Chief Petty Officer Mullin said. 

The championship was open to all Cerberus personnel with months of conditioning training overseen by qualified instructors. 

The event involved exercises combining the elements of gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and power lifting.

Three times Australian CrossFit Champion Rob Forte, presented awards to the finalists and congratulated them on their achievements. 

Seaman* Tristan Brooker placed first in the male competition with Petty Officer Communications and Information Specialist Matthew Rykers second and Seaman* Sean Penning third.

Seaman* Brooker said he had been cross training for just over a year and had reaped the benefits of a different training regime, which had helped his long distance running.

“It has helped me to better not only my overall fitness but my day-to-day health and lifestyle,” Seaman* Brooker said.

“It is an honour to place first in the first ever Cerberus competition.”

Petty Officer Rykers, has attended the clubs sessions since they started earlier in the year.

“The sessions are pure enjoyment for me,” Petty Officer Rykers said.

“I’m really pleased I got second place in this championship after only a few months training.”

Seaman* Tylar Leishman took out the female competition with Seaman* Shannon Evans finishing second and Seaman* Lauren Goldie finishing third.

Seaman* Leishman said she had only been doing CrossFit training for six months but was happy with her progress.

“I am absolutely loving it. I didn’t think I had a chance of winning but the girls and I did the best we could and I couldn’t be happier,” she said. 

“I have seen such an improvement in my strength, endurance and my overall fitness.”