Australian frigate visits Morocco

This article has photo gallery Published on Department of Defence (author), Ms Elizabeth Rule (photographer), LSIS Paul McCallum (photographer)

Location(s): Casablanca, Morocco

HMAS Anzac arrives in Casablanca, Morocco. (photo: LSIS Paul McCallum)
HMAS Anzac arrives in Casablanca, Morocco.

The Royal Australian Navy’s helicopter frigate HMAS Anzac has arrived in Casablanca, as part of her NORTHERN TRIDENT 2015 deployment.

Anzac departed Sydney in March and has transited the Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and most recently the North Atlantic en route to Casablanca.

During the five month deployment, the ship has represented Australia at commemorative events in the Sea of Marmara, Cape Helles, Gallipoli, Italy, Malta and France.

Anzac’s visit to Casablanca marks a rare visit to Morocco by an Australian Warship, and is being conducted in support of development of a stronger working relationship between the two maritime countries.

Together with the Australian Ambassador in Paris, Anzac will co-host an official reception.

Anzac’s Commanding Officer Commander Belinda Wood described the significance of the visit.

“Morocco’s Royal Navy is contemplating options for their future needs, and with similarities between the needs of our countries, our visit will provide an opportunity to share experiences,” Commander Wood said.

“Morocco sits at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, and is an important maritime hub for the western Mediterranean and the mid Atlantic oceans.”

“In sharing experiences, we look forward to learning more about Morocco’s culture.”