New look for the Next Generation - Navy charity gets a facelift

Published on CMDR Fenn Kemp (author)

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Navy’s welfare fund Keeping Watch has unveiled a new logo, designed to better represent the RAN workforce and to draw attention to a worthy cause.

Keeping Watch provides assistance to serving members of the Royal Australian Navy and their families who are suffering hardship, normally through non-refundable grants. Administered by the RAN Relief Trust Fund, Keeping Watch sometimes struggles to compete against other charities during ship fundraisers.

Warrant Officer-Navy (WO-N) Gary Wight says Keeping Watch is regularly called on to provide assistance to Navy members and their families.

“Unlike other external charities who have administrative costs they need to pay, every cent we hand out goes to a Navy member in need,” WO-N said.

“Our challenge is to raise awareness across all ranks- not just about what Keeping Watch does, but about why ships and establishments should get behind our efforts.”

With this in mind, the new logo has been designed to be more appealing to a broad cross section of members.

“A large set of binoculars seemed the obvious choice!” WO-N said.

“Keeping Watch is available to all ranks so this time we have avoided using an individual sailor as the illustration.”

CPO Ben Lentini is among the growing number of sailors and officers who have stepped forward to support Keeping Watch, having been forced to call upon the fund to assist with a sudden family emergency.

He had been about to post to Canberra with his wife when he learned that she required urgent surgery following the unfortunate diagnosis of a brain aneurysm.

“The costs were in excess of Medicare and private health fund coverage,” CPO Lentini recalls.

With the backing of his divisional system, Keeping Watch was quickly able to grant funds to assist in supporting the Lentini family through a distressing and unsettling time.

“I am just so appreciative and thankful for what Keeping Watch were able to provide,” CPO Lentini said.

Since Keeping Watch began in 2013, over $250,000 has been used to grant Navy people financial assistance to alleviate hardship during times of adversity.

Keeping Watch is a recognised charity fund for RAN families and has real flexibility in the assistance it can provide. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Have you considered Keeping Watch as your ship’s charity? Keep it in our Navy family to help our Navy families! The amazing work of Keeping Watch can only continue with ongoing donations.