Work Experience Program provides insight to women in Navy technical trades

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Location(s): HMAS Cairns, QLD

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Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp participant Riley Fletcher welding with Fleet Support Unit at HMAS Cairns. (photo: Unknown)
Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp participant Riley Fletcher welding with Fleet Support Unit at HMAS Cairns.

Twelve young women with a keen interest in mechanical and technical trades from across Australia recently attended the Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp at HMAS Cairns. At the base they were provided with an interactive experience of a range of technical and mechanical trades available within Navy.

During the four day camp the secondary students participated in various workshops at the Cairns Fleet Support Unit and were exposed to roles such as Electronics Technician and Marine Technician.

Prue Mawhood who attends Hobart College in Tasmania has been interested in pursuing a career in Navy for several years.

“Prior to attending the camp, I was interested in becoming an Electronic Technician. After having the chance to rebuild an engine, I decided I want to work with larger components and will pursue a career as a Marine Technician,” she said.

The young women were accommodated at the nearby Australian Navy Cadet unit Training Ship, TS Endeavour, which provided the opportunity to engage with strong diverse role models within Navy, learn more about the Navy expectations and lifestyle including participating in daily physical training.

As well as the hands-on components of the camp such as engineering activities, the young women attended presentations, demonstrations and held Navy career path discussions with Defence Force Recruiting personnel.

“After completing year 12, I am going to apply for the Navy Gap year program, to ensure I am a good fit for Navy before signing up,” Prue said. “I enjoyed the camp and would recommend the experience to any young women considering a trade in the Navy.”

The Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp is a joint Defence Force Recruiting and Defence Work Experience Program initiative, supported by Navy Diversity and Inclusion; this year was the third time it had been held. The Camp is another positive example of the Navy’s commitment to 100 Days for Change.

The 100 Days for Change initiative represents one hundred days to work together and take practical action to effect real change. The aim is to empower individuals and organisations, across all industries and sectors, to make all kinds of large and small scale changes.

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