Flexibility and stability support Navy’s serving families

Published on LEUT Anthony Martin (author and photographer)

Topic(s): 100 Days For Change

LEUT Jonathan Brunsden juggles the role of both parents while his wife LCDR Marion Donaldson is posted interstate. (photo: LEUT Anthony Martin)
LEUT Jonathan Brunsden juggles the role of both parents while his wife LCDR Marion Donaldson is posted interstate.

Navy’s involvement with the 100 Days for Change program is aiming to dispel a common misconception about who can access flexible work arrangements. Men as well as women are increasingly turning towards flexible work arrangements tailored to suit their current family requirements.

For LEUT Jonathan Brunsden, flexibility in the workplace provides much needed location stability and confidence for his role as a Divisional Officer at ADFA, and as a hard working dad to his two children. Jonathan’s wife, LCDR Marion Donaldson, is currently posted to the ADF School of Languages in Victoria studying Japanese.

LEUT Brunsden said “Having both of us pursue careers in the Navy has required a delicate balance and long discussions with NPCMA and our respective commands, however, with divisional support we have been able to balance our family and career commitments.”

“We have taken turns to deploy and complete postings that require time away from the family, and have also taken advantage of parental leave and flexible working options to ensure we can meet our professional and personal obligations. We both aspire to continue our careers in Navy, but we recognise that we need to balance that with maintaining our relationship and the needs of our children,” said LEUT Brunsden.

Navy encourages its people to balance their work and lives through the provision of flexible working arrangements and conditions, flexible leave arrangements and by promoting wellbeing. Essentially, workplace flexibility enables the needs of Navy and its people - both ADF and APS - to be met through making changes to the time, location and manner in which an employee works.

The 100 Days for Change initiative represents one hundred days to work together and take practical action to effect real change. The aim is to empower individuals and organisations, across all industries and sectors, to make all kinds of large and small scale changes.

Send your pledge for 100 Days for Change to: navy.diversity@defence.gov.au