Moreton conquers Mt Tamborine

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Location(s): Tamborine Mountain

Topic(s): Sport, HMAS Moreton, Physical Training (PT), Yoga, Adventure Training

The team moving through some yoga poses. (photo: Unknown)
The team moving through some yoga poses.

Members of HMAS Moreton’s ship’s company recently embarked on a trip to Mt Tamborine in Queensland, and were put through their paces by Chief Petty Officer Physical Training Instructor June Cunningham for an adventure training exercise.

Personnel tested their teamwork and stamina on a trek through thick rainforest.

“Our team did really well, they worked together as a team and ensured everyone made it to the end,” Chief Petty Officer Cunningham said.

The walking tracks throughout Mt Tamborine attract visitors from all over the world, where the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular.

Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logistics - Personnel Craig Grundy said the team gave themselves plenty of time to take in the scenery and take lots of photos.

“It’s such a beautiful place and it makes you really appreciate how great it is to work in Brisbane,” he said.

On completion of the exercise, some members of the team chose to further challenge themselves and test their endurance by running the track several times over.

With light rain falling, Chief Petty Officer Cunningham again put the small Moreton team through its paces with a tranquil session of yoga.

“It’s a good way to warm down and do some good stretching,” Chief Petty Officer Cunningham said.

The day was finished with a delicious barbeque and a hot brew, providing the perfect opportunity to relax, laugh and enjoy the views that Mt Tamborine provided.

The exercise strengthened relationships between personnel at Moreton and offered those involved the opportunity to get out of the office and experience something different.

Moreton Operations Officer Lieutenant Joey Shaw said not even the rain and mud could stop their team that day.

“What we did was a fantastic opportunity to build teamwork and improve resilience,” he said.