Reserve pay changes bring alignment

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Imagery for finance article. (photo: LSIS Jayson Tufrey)
Imagery for finance article.

From 2 July Reserve members will have access to the same salary increment structure as their permanent Navy colleagues after the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal approved the Australian Defence Force pay case on 30 June.

The decision means that eligible Reserve members at the ranks of Leading Seaman, Petty Officer, Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander (and Army and Air Force equivalents) will have access to additional increments for future salary advancement.

However, members who are remunerated under the Specialist Officer Career Structure will not be affected by the changes.

There are also new criteria for increment progression. The main change is that Reservists who complete 20 effective days of service in a 12-month anniversary period will now be able to advance a salary increment, rather than waiting for 24 months.

A staged implementation process will ensure correct placement and payment of eligible members onto a new salary increment.

The stages are as follows:

  • Stage One - On 2 July 2015, affected Reservists will be mapped to the new salary increment structure and retain their current daily salary rate.
  • Stage Two – Post 2 July 2015, the Service Career Management Agencies will review each Reservist, and eligible members will be moved onto a higher salary increment.
  • Stage Three – Ongoing management of Reservists, and placement of eligible members onto the next salary increment on their anniversary date.

With more than 23,000 active Reservists in the Australian Defence Force, stages one and two will take significant time to finalise. All eligible members will have their entitlements backdated to 2 July.

Director Military Remuneration, Colonel Brendan Stevens, said the changes would remove barriers for members moving between the permanent force, the Reserves and continuous full time service.

“These changes acknowledge how the Australian Defence Force is an integrated workforce and will now enable a seamless transition between each component,” he said.

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