Navy good samaritan leads by example

Published on LEUT Des Paroz (author), LSIS Lee-Anne Mack (photographer)

Location(s): Canberra, ACT

Lieutenant Commander Nicole Mann in the grounds of Brindabella Park, Canberra. (photo: ABIS Lee-Anne Mack)
Lieutenant Commander Nicole Mann in the grounds of Brindabella Park, Canberra.

Lieutenant Commander Nikki Mann was driving to work on a cold, foggy Canberra morning when she stopped to help an injured cyclist on the side of Canberra’s Monaro Highway.
“It was about 6:40am and I had just heard a reminder on the radio to look out for cyclists when I noticed two cyclists at the side of the road.
“Taking a second glance I noticed that one had a bloody face and the other was helping him,” Lieutenant Commander Mann said.
Lieutenant Commander Mann proceeded to turn around to assist, but was unable to do so for some distance, and thought that other drivers would have stopped to render assistance before she got to the injured cyclist.
“When I got to the cyclist I was quite amazed that no one else had stopped.
“It was a good reminder that we, as human beings, should never assume that someone else is going to do something,” she said.
The injured cyclist, Mr Alex Jamieson, had been struck by a car and was displaying signs of shock.
“I was riding to work at about 30km per hour when my bike disappeared from under me and I ended up face first on the bitumen. I was bleeding quite badly.
“I was more concerned about my bike than myself, so I didn’t want to call an ambulance and leave my bike behind.
“A vehicle stopped and a lady in Navy uniform got out and helped me. She put my bike in her car and drove me to hospital,” Mr Jamieson said.
After waiting at the hospital until Mr Jamieson’s partner arrived, Lieutenant Commander Mann continued into work, with Mr Jamieson only remembering that his good Samaritan was a Navy officer named ‘Nikki’.
He made efforts to contact the Navy so that he could pass on his appreciation to her Command.
A former police officer, Mr Jamieson understands the value of community and the importance of taking action.
“I have always said that ‘you choose the community you want to be part of.'"
“Lieutenant Commander Mann showed that she is an officer who leads by example, stepping forward and taking action," Mr Jamieson said.
Mr Jamieson is making a good recovery following the accident and will return to work soon.