What has Warramunga been up to?

Published on LCDR David Bettell (author), LEUT Frederik Visser (author)

Topic(s): Operation RESOLUTE, HMAS Warramunga (F152)

HMAS Warramunga near Christmas Island. (photo: LEUT Frederik Visser)
HMAS Warramunga near Christmas Island.

HMAS Warramunga sailed from her home port Fleet Base West on 21 May 13 for her final deployment prior to entering the year-long Anti Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) upgrade in November this year. 

Over the course of the last six weeks Warramunga has had a high tempo program in support of Operation RESOLUTE, the ADF’s contribution to the whole-of-government effort to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests. RESOLUTE has seen Warramunga’s crew participate in the full range of border protection tasks, which have been both challenging and professionally stimulating for all on board.

Warramunga’s operational program during RESOLUTE was broken up with some planned  social activities such as departmental tug-o-war (with victory going to the Marine Engineering department), Daily Orders bingo, fishing stations and a Flight Deck pizza night. 

Warramunga’s Commanding Officer, Commander Dave Tietzel, said the crew were intensely focused on the current task at hand, but were also looking forward to participating in an important Navigation course in North Queensland from 5-16 August 2013.

“The Royal Australian Navy’s Surface Combatant Navigation Course, formally known as ‘Long-N’, is undertaken by students in order to become a Navigator specialist for frigate-sized warship.

Warramunga will work in company with HMA Ships Sirius and Sydney for a busy two - week practical evaluation period, designed to assess and certify the Navy’s next group of Major Fleet Unit Navigators.

“While operating on the Queensland coast, port visits are also planned for Cairns and Mackay to allow a well earned break for the Ship’s Company,” said CMDR Tietzel.

In late August 2013, Warramunga’s ship’s company will bid farewell to the ship as she enters the ASMD Upgrade programme. Warramunga is programmed to relocate her home port to Fleet Base East on completion of her upgrade in Western Australia. 

HMAS Warramunga was commissioned 31 March 2001 as the Royal Australian Navy’s third Anzac Class Frigate. She is a long-range frigate capable of air defence, surface and undersea warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction.