Romeo training hits full throttle in the US

Published on LEUT Mark Flowerdew (author)

Location(s): Jacksonville, Florida

Topic(s): MH-60R Seahawk, 725 Squadron

MH-60R Simulator training. (photo: Unknown)
MH-60R Simulator training.

NUSQN 725 (CMDR David Frost) has been hitting the books and burning the midnight oil as it undertakes training with the USN in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

The initial cadre of personnel are undergoing an accelerated training package covering all aspects of operating and maintaining Navy’s new maritime combat helicopter - the MH-60R, known affectionately as the ‘Romeo’. They continue to impress their USN instructors with their commitment, professionalism, knowledge and hunger to learn.

Maintenance personnel are in the final process of completing their initial training in Jacksonville and are looking forward to working alongside United States Navy (USN) personnel during 'On the Job Training' (OJT). The ATV maintainers will be the first to join a USN Helicopter Squadron after completing two of three training packages provided by the USN on the Romeo. The ATAs will join them mid-July, once they have finished their two MH-60R trade training packages with the USN Helicopter Maintenance Training School.

Aircrew have now progressed to the advanced tactical phase and are flying the aircraft training missions in all of its combat roles. These combat roles include traditional warfare areas of Surface Warfare (SUW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) have been expanded with the introduction of latest technology radar, active dipping sonar,  an upgraded torpedo capability, LINK 16 and an offensive air-to-surface missile capability.

NUSQN 725 is rapidly moving toward an operating capability that will see it flying RAN aircraft in a few short months. The first aircraft with a kangaroo on the tail  has flown and  is due to be delivered in December and the entire Squadron can’t wait to get their hands on it.