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Medals awarded to Navy personnel in the 2020 Australia Day Honours List - Military Division, from left, Member of the Order of Australia (AM); Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM); Commendation for Distinguished Service; Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC); and Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM). (photo: )
Medals awarded to Navy personnel in the 2020 Australia Day Honours List - Military Division, from left, Member of the Order of Australia (AM); Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM); Commendation for Distinguished Service; Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC); and Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM).

The Royal Australian Navy would like to congratulate our officers and sailors who have been named as recipients in today’s Australia Day Honours List.

They are:

Medal (OAM) in the Military Division (Medal of the Order of Australia)

Chief Petty Officer Raechelle Nadine HENDERSON, ACT
For meritorious service in leadership, and advancement of the service as a Naval Police Coxswain.

Chief Petty Officer Henderson has demonstrated the highest levels of commitment and dedication as a Naval Police Coxswain across numerous roles. She was instrumental in the operational accomplishments achieved by HMAS Success during Operation MANITOU and a key enabler in the successful introduction into service of HMAS Brisbane. Her professional mastery contributed to the provision of expert policing and disciplinary functions across the whole of Navy during her time in the Office of the Provost Marshal Navy.

Chief Petty Officer Anthony Donald O’RILEY, WA
For meritorious service to improving the capability levels and wellbeing of Navy Submarine Force People.

Chief Petty Officer O'Riley demonstrated a deep and personal interest in the welfare, wellbeing and capability of Navy People across the Submarine Force. Through his extraordinary dedication he maintained an innovative attitude towards inspiring cooperation and teamwork to improve operational effectiveness and capability output for Command. His leadership and performance has provided Navy with improved capability through increased retention of highly trained and capable people.

Commander Richard John SINGLETON CSM RAN, NSW
For meritorious service to the Australian Defence Force in the fields of exercise and operational planning and the introduction into service of naval capabilities.

Commander Singleton has contributed significantly to the advancement of maritime and joint operational capabilities, specifically in the field of exercise and operational planning. His diverse knowledge, experience and dedication significantly contributed to the introduction into service of the Royal Australian Navy's Hobart Class Guided Missile Destroyers and amphibious ships during a period of significant re-capitalisation of the Navy.

Commander Benjamin Brian SPURGIN RAN, NSW
For meritorious performance of duty as a Navy Legal Advisor and instructor.

Commander Spurgin has served senior Navy commands, particularly in the aviation field, with contemporary and pragmatic legal advice and sound guidance in complex operational and administrative matters over a prolonged period. He was an inspiring instructor, innovating the delivery of legal training at the Royal Australian Naval College for all induction, leadership and promotion courses. His contributions led to significantly improved management of airworthiness in the Fleet Air Arm and to enhanced training outcomes at the Royal Australian Naval College.

Member (AM) in the Military Division (Member of the Order of Australia)

Captain Warren James BAIRSTOW CSC RAN, ACT
For exceptional service to the Royal Australian Navy in the field of command and leadership.

Captain Warren Bairstow's steadfast leadership, initiative and commitment to improving capability and culture have contributed significantly to the operational effectiveness of the Royal Australian Navy. His passion and devotion to the Navy, its capabilities and its people clearly demonstrates his commitment and contributions to supporting Navy's mission.

Captain Shane Andrew CRAIG RAN, NSW
For exceptional performance of duty in Royal Australian Navy command and management positions.

Captain Craig's distinguished performance in Naval Aviation, and as the Naval Adviser to the United Kingdom, has been exceptional. Through application of professional knowledge, initiative and commitment, Captain Craig's dedication to duty as a diplomat has resulted in the achievement of successful international engagement outcomes for the Australian Defence Force and the Royal Australian Navy. His influence and energy in the roles as Deputy Commander Fleet Air Arm and Commanding Officer 816 Squadron enhanced the performance and reputation of the Fleet Air Arm.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

Rear Admiral Jaimie Charles HATCHER AM RAN, ACT
For distinguished command and leadership in warlike operations as the Commander Joint Task Force 633 on Operations OKRA and HIGHROAD from January 2018 to January 2019.

Rear Admiral Hatcher demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication by leading Australia's contribution to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and more broadly throughout the Middle East Region. His exceptional operational oversight, critical leadership engagement and assiduous efforts ensured the effectiveness of Australia's military contribution and greatly enhanced the international reputation of the Australian Defence Force in the Middle East Region.

Commendation for Distinguished Service (CDS)

Captain Sands Niall SKINNER RAN, NSW
For distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations as the Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Branch Chief within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Resolute Support Train Advise Assist Command - Air on Operation HIGHROAD from July 2018 to February 2019.

Commander Skinner's distinguished performance contributed to the Afghan National Maintenance Strategy for the Afghan Air Force ensuring the affordability of this infant service and the viability of its modernisation program. Commander Skinner's dedication to duty also assured improvements to tactical air-lift capabilities, significantly enhancing support to combat operations in Kandahar and conduct of the 2018 Afghanistan parliamentary elections.

Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC)

Captain Michael Bruce DEVINE RAN, ACT
For outstanding achievement in the application of judgement as Commander Task Unit 641.1.1 and Commanding Officer HMAS Anzac in the tactical planning and execution of Maritime South East Asia Deployment from March to June 2018.

Captain Devine adroitly commanded his three ship Task Unit comprising HMA Ships Anzac, Toowoomba and Success during a complex Maritime South East Asia Deployment. He demonstrated excellent judgement throughout the deployment in response to evolving requirements in a dynamic tactical environment. His pivotal leadership role in the delivery of highly successful deployment outcomes improved allied understanding of the regional operational environment and set the conditions for future deployments in the region.

Commander Bronwyn Adele FERRIER CSM RAN, ACT
For outstanding achievement in the management of occupational hygiene and environmental hazards in the Royal Australian Navy.

Commander Ferrier demonstrated dedication and leadership in the promotion and development of a more proactive occupational hygiene capability within Navy. She used her determination and expertise to establish and train a cadre of Navy People who will assist in identifying and managing occupational hygiene and environmental risks within the Royal Australian Navy. Her rigorous strategic analysis and planning has contributed to Navy capability through people having a better understanding of how to identify, measure and deal with occupational hygiene hazards.

Captain Daniel John LERAYE RAN, SA
For outstanding devotion to duty as the inaugural Class Lifecycle Engineering Officer in Collins Class submarines.

Captain LeRaye has distinguished himself as the inaugural Class Lifecycle Engineering Officer in support of the Australian Submarine Enterprise. His outstanding leadership, foresight, innovation and professionalism have led to wide-reaching improvements in the efficient and effective delivery of a strategic capability.

Commander Jennifer Louise MACKLIN RAN, ACT
For outstanding achievement in the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the Royal Australian Navy.

Commander Macklin's efforts have been crucial to Navy's significant progress towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation that supports its people and delivers capability. As a relentless and articulate campaigner and the architect of Navy's Diversity and Inclusion program, she has personally inspired many people across Navy and beyond to live and support a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Captain Anthony Bruce MISKELLY RAN, ACT
For outstanding devotion to duty during the introduction into service of HMAS Hobart.

Captain Miskelly has demonstrated technical mastery of the highest order and has consistently performed exceptionally, ashore and at sea in several challenging postings. His unparalleled technical knowledge and drive for collective excellence resulted in the flawless execution of the Royal Australian Navy's inaugural Aegis Combat System Ship Qualification Trials. His performance has been exemplary and a critical enabler in establishing Australia's Aegis capability.

Warrant Officer Christopher John ROWLEY, ACT
For outstanding achievement and dedication in his leadership of the Royal Australian Navy technical workforce.

Warrant Officer Rowley has made an outstanding contribution to the professional development of the Royal Australian Navy's technical workforce and in advancing the cause of technical mastery within Navy. A dedicated and exemplary leader, he has driven the future direction of the engineering community and has been tireless in his representation of Navy's engineering technicians. Warrant Officer Rowley's outstanding achievements highlight his remarkable dedication to the Naval Engineering Community.

Commander Anita Louise SELLICK CSM RAN, USA
For outstanding achievement as Commanding Officer of HMAS Newcastle.

Commander Sellick has contributed to the wellbeing and capability of Navy People through her leadership, mentoring and professional excellence. A natural leader, she has approached her command in an inclusive, calm and measured way that empowers her people. The result of her hard work and dedication has been evidenced by high personnel retention and increased operational effectiveness.

Commander Darlene Maree WILLIAMS RAN, ACT
For outstanding achievement in strategic organisational development as Military Assistant to the Chief of Joint Capabilities in the Australian Defence Force.

Commander Williams is an officer of rare skill whose outstanding achievement and conspicuous devotion were essential to establishing Joint Capabilities Group as a professional harmonised organisation able to support the Chief of Joint Capabilities in fulfilling his charter to the Australian Defence Force. Her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment were key to standing up the new Office from concept to execution, whilst providing exceptional support to the Chief of Joint Capabilities and other senior executives during this most challenging period.

Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)

Lieutenant Peter ASIMAKIS RAN, Qld
For meritorious achievement as a lead member of the Sea Training Unit Defence Cooperation Programme.

Lieutenant Peter Asimakis led the development and delivery of specifically tailored training packages for operational employment of the Guardian Class Patrol Boats by maritime security forces of Australia's regional partners. This training assisted the nations by building mission-ready crews that could safely and operationally utilise the assets to maximum effect. His efforts have increased the capability of regional maritime security forces and enhanced the reputation of the Australian Defence Force.

Petty Officer Victoria Ann CLARKE, NSW
For meritorious devotion to duty in the field of Navy workforce management.

Petty Officer Clarke consistently displayed an ability to simplify and convey complex information on service conditions to affected Navy People and to various conditions of service committees examining flexible work arrangements and employment conditions. Her input was instrumental in the acceptance of the adaption and implementation of the current flexible work conditions. Her contributions support Navy's Plan PELORUS due to their positive impact upon retention and re-enlistment of Navy People.

Lieutenant Commander Bernard Roy DOBSON RAN, NSW
For meritorious devotion to duty during the introduction into service of HMAS Hobart.

Lieutenant Commander Dobson's application of Aegis Combat System knowledge and his devotion to educating and training others were instrumental in the development of Hobart's integrated Combat Information Centre capability. This was integral to Hobart completing the Combat Systems Sea Qualifications Trials program and successfully achieving Initial Operational Capability.

Chief Petty Officer Melita Leigh ENGLISH, NSW
For meritorious achievement in the performance of duty as the Fleet Legal Assistant.

Chief Petty Officer English has executed her duties as the Fleet Legal Assistant in Fleet Headquarters at a time of significant demand for legal services. She has demonstrated exceptional professional mastery, devotion to duty and inspirational leadership that have been instrumental in reducing disciplinary review times providing Commands and personnel with more effective, meaningful and just outcomes.

Commander Lindsay Ridgway GORDON RAN, NSW
For meritorious achievement as the Deputy Director Submarines - Platform.

Commander Gordon's professionalism, analytical skills and knowledge of submarine capability and sustainment were instrumental in Navy's definition of the requirements for a superior submarine capability. His work in the development of tools and methodologies has been pivotal in reducing long-term risk to capability and cost, and has proved fundamental to the early design decisions for successful delivery of the Attack Class submarine. His work has contributed to other Navy projects that have leveraged off and emulated his innovative methodologies.

Commander Robert Bradley HALLORAN RAN, Japan
For meritorious achievement in the field of Navy training systems.

Commander Halloran led the provision of Training Force input to all capability acquisition projects during one of the busiest and most significant capability development periods in Navy's history. His hard work contributed to enduring and crucial training input for the Guided Missile Destroyer, Future Submarine, Future Frigate, Offshore Patrol Vessel and a multitude of Minor Navy Projects including development of the Ship Zero training concept. His leadership, dedication, influence and pursuit of innovation has provided a foundation for new capability training for many years to come.

Leading Seaman N
For meritorious achievement as an Electronic Warfare Instructor within the School of Maritime Warfare.

Leading Seaman N's dedication, professional skills and perseverance in the development and delivery of Electronic Warfare training was exceptional. Her diligence and determination to achieve both the Surface and Submarine Forces' platform-specific requirements facilitated the delivery of high quality training in the revised Basic Electronic Warfare Intelligence Course. Her commitment to the success of her students was unparalleled, and established a benchmark for training in Maritime Warfare.

Chief Petty Officer Zulkarnain Shah NAIM, ACT
For meritorious devotion to duty as the Navy Advisor on Inter-Cultural Affairs.

Chief Petty Officer Naim's inspirational leadership as the Navy Advisor on Inter-Cultural Affairs has enhanced Navy's reputation in the Australian community as an inclusive organisation. His commitment to cultural education, strategic advice, community engagement and the multi-cultural Australian Navy Cadet unit, New Training Ship Australia, has positively impacted countless young Australians. His efforts have influenced the foundation for Navy's pathway to greater diversity and inclusion.

Lieutenant Commander Steven Geoffrey TARAGEL RAN, Qld
For meritorious achievement as the Executive Officer of HMAS Cairns.

Lieutenant Commander Taragel demonstrated leadership, initiative and dedication to the men and women he served with as the Executive Officer of HMAS Cairns. His initiatives, which are now seen as benchmarks for other establishments, enhanced the positive culture of the base and guided substantial improvements in its day-to-day management. His efforts directly contribute to Navy's Fit to Fight Fleet Resilience Plan.

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