Leading Seaman returns to Navy without a hitch

Published on Mrs Rachael Reynolds (author), LSIS Nicolas Gonzalez (photographer)

Location(s): Fleet Base West, WA

Topic(s): Fleet Support Unit - West, Rejoining Navy

Leading Seaman Chad Freund found re-entry to Navy was a smooth process. (photo: LSIS Nicolas Gonzalez)
Leading Seaman Chad Freund found re-entry to Navy was a smooth process.

When Leading Seaman Chad Freund left the Royal Australian Navy in 2012 he didn’t think he would be back in uniform six years later.

LS Freund spent that six years working outside of Navy, the first three years as a Defence contractor in Henderson and the remainder working on Barrow Island as part of the Gorgon Gas Project.

Welcomed back into full-time service, LS Freund is currently posted to Fleet Support Unit - West and is responsible for the planning, execution and closing out of maintenance tasks on board Navy vessels and establishments. 

“With all the new platforms coming into service I find it is a very exciting time for Navy and I wanted to be a part of it.

“I was also attracted to new career opportunities, secure employment and the sense of pride wearing the uniform.”

The process to re-join was one that LS Freund found quite simple. 

“All it took was a phone call, a discussion regarding my qualifications and employment since I left, and an updated resume,” he said.

“A couple weeks later my re-entry was approved.”

LS Freund initially completed a Lateral Initial Entry Training course at HMAS Creswell and four weeks later was posted to FSU-W. 

For LS Freund, the re-entry has been a smooth process, from being posted to the same ship as his previous Chief right through to all his proficiencies and seniority being retained within the system.

He does note some changes from his time away, including that FSU appears to be taking on a lot more maintenance compared to several years ago. 

“I regard that as a positive sign, and I’m hopeful that trend continues and the quality of maintenance continues to improve moving forward.” 

“I have also noticed that HMAS Stirling’s junior sailor’s galley has been exceptional.

“Since coming back I have not walked out of there disappointed.”

LS Freund’s advice to anyone else considering re-joining is to “ask yourself what makes you happy and if part of that answer is wearing the uniform, then go for it.”