HMAS Creswell welcomes largest intake of new officers

This article has photo gallery Published on LEUT Danielle Brodie (author), POIS Lee-Anne Cooper (photographer), LSIS Kayla Jackson (photographer)

Location(s): HMAS Creswell, ACT

Topic(s): Naval College, Navy Gap Year

The largest Royal Australian Navy intake of Junior Officers on their first day at HMAS Creswell. (photo: POIS Lee-Anne Cooper)
The largest Royal Australian Navy intake of Junior Officers on their first day at HMAS Creswell.

The largest Royal Australian Navy intake of Junior Officers commenced initial military training at the Royal Australian Naval College this week. The record breaking intake of 175 trainees also includes 25 young men and women who are participating the new ADF Gap Year Navy Officer program.

Captain Warren Bairstow, Commanding Officer of HMAS Creswell, said that this intake was a landmark event in the history of the College, and that he was looking forward to facilitating the Gap Year trainees’ introduction to military life.

“The most influential part of a Naval career is the beginning, so our focus is to inspire the next generation of Navy Leaders throughout this initial training period,” said Captain Bairstow.

“The course is designed to equip Junior Officers with the skills needed to lead and manage Navy personnel by developing their teamwork, communication skills and increasing their Defence and Naval knowledge.”

“The Gap Year trainees will join as Hunter Division, and will experience the same initial training period as all Junior Officers, giving them a comprehensive introduction to life in the Navy,” he said.

The ADF Gap Year Navy Officer program was recently introduced and offers young Australians who meet Officer Entry requirements an opportunity to broaden their life experience with a one year commitment.

After a four week initial training period, the Gap Year trainees will undertake five weeks of condensed learning before moving to ships and establishments throughout Australia to gain work experience within various Navy career streams.

“In addition to teaching weapons handling, sailing, survival at sea and combat survivability, we will also develop the trainees’ ability to work as a team, which is an essential part of Navy life,” said Captain Bairstow.

All Junior Officers at Creswell learn a range of Navy skills, including drill and ceremonial, physical training, officer development, written and oral communications, management and leadership, Navy organisation and adventure training.