A flurry of activity sets the tone for a busy 2019

Published on LEUT Anthony Martin (author and photographer)

Location(s): Fleet Base East, Sydney

Topic(s): HMAS Ballarat (F155), HMAS Sirius (A266), HMAS Huon (M82), Sea Training Group, Garden Island, NSW

Fleet units alongside Fleet Base East in Sydney. (photo: LEUT Anthony Martin)
Fleet units alongside Fleet Base East in Sydney.

There’s a flurry of activity at Garden Island in Sydney as Fleet Units and support organisations busily prepare for the year ahead.

The year began on a positive note with HMAS Ballarat interdicting 3.1 tonnes of hashish in the Middle East.

Navy’s Patrol Boats remained stalwart over the Christmas period, patrolling Australia’s northern maritime borders, and HMAS Huon returned home in mid-January following a four-month North East Asian deployment.

Most Fleet units are now diligently working to ensure ships, systems and personnel are ready for the busy program of deployments, exercises and activities that lie ahead in 2019. 

With the support of Sea Training Group, unit readiness evaluations and training are being conducted to ensure the Fleet is prepared for the full spectrum of maritime operations and activities that lay before it. 

Fleet Executive Officer, Commander David Murphy, said Sea Training Group was busy helping ship’s companies set high standards for the year ahead, across all facets of sea readiness from navigation and seamanship to engineering and ship survivability. 

“The next few weeks are a busy time for us, but the reward is the positive outcomes we achieve in platform and crew performance,” Commander Murphy said.

“Ensuring safety and attention to detail are key components of the Sea Training Group’s role,” he said.

As units depart from Garden Island to conduct exercises and operations around the world, maintenance will remain a focus for those who remain ashore, with several key projects on the schedule, including the refit of HMAS Sirius

Like the Fleet Units at sea, the support force at Garden Island is also looking at a busy year ahead, providing a range of services ranging from training through to the remediation and replenishment of stores and equipment. 

Those uniformed personnel, Defence civilians and contractors working at Fleet Headquarters, Sea Training Group and in other support organisations based at Fleet Base East will continue working diligently to ensure the Fleet meets all the milestones set for it in 2019. 

“I am excited about the year ahead, and I know the team can meet any challenges,” Commander Murphy said.