Fresh ideas prepare our fighting fleet

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Location(s): HMAS Stirling, WA

Topic(s): HMAS Stirling, Physical Training Instructor, Fit to Fight

Leading Seaman Physical Training Instructor Tamara Prins at Fleet Base West, Western Australia. (photo: ABIS Richard Cordell)
Leading Seaman Physical Training Instructor Tamara Prins at Fleet Base West, Western Australia.

Newly posted HMAS Stirling gymnasium staff are helping to build Navy’s mental and physical resilience for the year ahead. Their ‘go forward’ approach to designing physical training sessions is all about fostering the ‘Fit to Fight’ attitude in Navy personnel.

Leading Seaman Physical Training Instructor Tamara Prins has set herself some lofty goals for the year.

“My aim is to conduct more adventure training to build resilience, increase morale and teamwork throughout departments,” she said.

“I am looking forward to contributing to morale by getting involved in HMAS Stirling events such as Family Day and Walk to Work Day.”

Leading Seaman Prins is also a trainer for the women’s Defence Australian Football League and a coach at F45 in Rockingham, a place which encourages sailors to engage with the local community. 

”F45 is a team-based functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on motivation, innovation and results,” Leading Seaman Prins said. 

There is no doubt Leading Seaman Prins is a self motivator. She was driven to join the Royal Australian Navy after working in the ‘back country’ of America almost a decade ago. 

“After finishing school at Kilbreda College in Mentone, Melbourne, I travelled, lived and worked in the United States for an Outdoor Leadership School - then came back to Australia to join the Navy,” Leading Seaman Prins said.

This year the Physical Training Instructor posted to Stirling after returning to Australia from almost four months at sea while serving in HMAS Sirius as the underway replenishment ship participated in INDO-PACIFIC ENDEAVOUR 2017.

“In addition to my posting in Sirius, I have participated in exercises and deployments, serving in HMA Ships Sydney, Ballaratcoupled with a Middle East deployment in HMAS Melbourne.

“The most challenging part of my job is going to sea and meeting the demands of different supervisors as we are not just Physical Training Instructors at sea, there are many different roles and responsibilities.

“Changing over to a Physical Training Instructor was a most challenging and rewarding experience, but by far my best career move,” she said.

Leading Seaman Prins’ milestones have not gone unnoticed with commendations awarded while serving in HMA Ships Ballarat and Cerberus.

“Since becoming a Physical Training Instructor I have witnessed personnel make positive lifestyle changes in regards to health and fitness.”

“I am focused on effective training under arduous conditions to enhance mental and physical preparation for personnel posting to a seagoing unit which goes hand in hand with being Fit to Fight.”

“It has been awesome to be assisting people with their transformations and new lifestyle choices.”