TSE88 ready for duty

Published on LEUT Ryan Zerbe (author), LSIS Nina Fogliani (photographer)

Topic(s): Training, HMAS Cerberus, Operation RESOLUTE

Transit Security Element 88 (TSE88) at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria. (photo: LSIS Nina Fogliani)
Transit Security Element 88 (TSE88) at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria.

More than 50 sailors and soldiers have joined Operation RESOLUTE following intensive Transit Security Element (TSE) training at HMAS Cerberus.

The training was facilitated by the Boatswain Faculty and included a number of physically demanding modules, including theory, defensive tactics and boarding party activities. The course was a new challenge for the Army members of TSE88 who will be deployed at sea with their Navy teammates. 

Petty Officer Darren Oke instructed TSE88 and said the course was intended to teach personnel engaged in transit security the theory and practice of how to board and secure a suspicious and vessel and defend themselves in close quarters.

“The Army and Navy elements integrated really well”, he said. 

“The team demonstrated a willingness to learn new skills and concepts, and they showed tenacity in overcoming tough physical and mental challenges.”

Lance Corporal Cameron Turner of 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers took part in the course. 

“It feels great learning a new skill set, being exposed to a different mission that we don’t often train for, and gaining a broader understanding of how the wider Defence Force works”, he said.

“It is a rare opportunity to try someone else’s role and a challenge to quickly integrate into a ship’s crew.”

Army Lieutenant Christopher Rawlinson from 25th/49th Battalion found working with Navy helped him appreciate the procedural nuances between the services. 

“The training was effective in bringing the team together and aligning our mindset with the specific nature of the mission.”

TSE88 have now commenced operations from Darwin with a small command element at Larrakeyah Barracks and the remainder of the team heading to sea aboard coastal patrol vessels.

Operation RESOLUTE covers almost ten per cent of the world’s surface and is the Australian Defence Force's contribution to a wider government effort to protect Australia's borders and offshore maritime interests.