Physical Training Instructors review for the future

Published on SGT Dave Morley (author), CPL Max Bree (photographer)

Topic(s): New Generation Navy (NGN), Physical Training Instructor, Fit to Fight

Physical Training Instructor Workforce Manager Warrant Officer Nick Davies. (photo: CPL Max Bree)
Physical Training Instructor Workforce Manager Warrant Officer Nick Davies.

The Navy Physical Training Instructor workgroup has developed a method to increase PTI capability and continue to improve the fitness and resilience of Navy people.

For the first time in its 94-year history, a review has been conducted to assess how the branch will continue to provide for the Next Generation Navy.

Physical Training Instructor Workforce Manager Warrant Officer Nick Davies said all personnel would benefit from the outcomes of the review because there would be a greater focus on whole-of-Navy structured physical training programs.

“We will be streamlined to better meet Fit to Fight policy objectives and deliver fitness programs, in addition to providing improved ‘back-to-work’ conditioning and resilience programs,” Warrant Officer Davies said.

“We needed to evolve so the Physical Training Instructor workgroup better provides a capability effect that contributes to developing and sustaining the wellbeing of the workforce that is integrated, diverse, physically resilient and deployable.”

The review focused on four areas: providing appropriate numbers of personnel in correct locations, workgroup restructuring, new competencies and programs, and improved leadership and mentoring.

Warrant Officer Davies said that after extensive nationwide consultation and research, the review’s 13 recommendations were approved in October 2017. Implementation began in November.

“We will now more effectively deliver, not only unit requirements, but also whole-of-Navy requirements such as Physical Employment Standards Assessments, self-defence capability, and warfighting strategy requirements including physical training, sport, adventure training and team challenges,” he said.

Physical Training Instructors play an integral role in ensuring the fitness, wellbeing and morale requirements of the ship’s company are met, both at sea and ashore.