Our Values: Integrity

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Our Values: Integrity (photo: )
Our Values: Integrity

For the hundreds of Royal Australian Navy personnel posted around the world, updating Our Values and Behaviours has provided new focus to meet the ongoing challenges of serving Australia at home and abroad.

Announced on 1 October 2020, our values are Service, Courage, Respect, Integrity, and Excellence. They are a modern reflection of the core qualities of character that are desirable in all Navy people.

As an instructor for the Navy Indigenous Development Program (NIDP), Leading Seaman Combat Systems Operator (Above Water) Breanna Jacobs-Rochford is in a unique position to foster integrity through culture.

Able Seaman Combat System Operator Breanna Jacobs-Rochford in the forward repair base on board HMAS Darwin.

Able Seaman Combat System Operator Breanna Jacobs-Rochford in the forward repair base on board HMAS Darwin.

“Integrity means to be open and honest. It is about doing what is right by holding yourself accountable, and not only yourself, but your team mates as well,” Leading Seaman Jacobs-Rochford said.

“I want to lead by example, to demonstrate the Navy Values by being committed and by following through with what I say.”

Leading Seaman Jacobs-Rochford is from the Mardigan (Margany) Tribe from Quilpie in South-Western Queensland.

She joined the Navy in 2016, hoping to be a role model for her family and for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Leading Seaman Jacobs-Rochford said she is proud to be part of the NIDP and draws on lessons passed down to her by family to educate and empower Indigenous recruits and other Navy personnel.

“I am proud to mentor and guide NIDP recruits during their journey because the program teaches them that they should be proud of who they are and where they are from,” she said.

“I see that pride when they graduate, which is very rewarding.”

Leading Seaman Jacobs-Rochford said integrity is the consistency of character to align your thoughts, words and actions to do what is right.

“I teach our values to the recruits by relating situations back to what it would be like if they were to serve on a ship or how their actions can affect not only themselves but the rest of their team or shipmates,” she said.

“I find it rewarding to watch Indigenous men and women develop throughout the program, to see them open up, become more confident and challenge themselves.

“Watching them march out at the end of the program is emotional because it’s a big step to a new career that they have worked extremely hard to achieve.”

The Navy Indigenous Development Program is a five-month residential course designed to assist Indigenous Australians in achieving the required standard to become a member of the Australian Defence Force, by developing their leadership skills, physical fitness, military knowledge, personal values and behaviours and improving literacy and numeracy levels.