Young Endeavour races to 30th birthday

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STS Young Endeavour heading towards Fremantle Port after her year-long circumnavigation of the world in 2015. (photo: Unknown)
STS Young Endeavour heading towards Fremantle Port after her year-long circumnavigation of the world in 2015.

The countdown is on as the Royal Australian Navy operated tall ship Young Endeavour approaches her 30th birthday, with celebrations planned in Sydney.

The 44-metre brigantine was the bicentenary gift from Britain to the people of Australia.

Commanding Officer Young Endeavour, Lieutenant Commander Mike Gough said the ship was an important gift between the nations.

Young Endeavour was purpose-built by Britain to help Australia celebrate. This generous gift was a big deal at the time and she continues to play an important role in the life of young Australians.”

“More than 8000 young Australians applied to be part of the joint Australian and British delivery crew and underwent an arduous selection process,” Lieutenant Commander Gough said.

“When she arrived in Sydney, the square-rigged tall ship was handed over at a ceremony in Farm Cove attended by their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales and Prime Minister Bob Hawke on 25 January 1988.”

“It was an important occasion and one celebrated by the nation,” Lieutenant Commander Gough said.

In recognition of Young Endeavour’s 30th birthday, a gala dinner is being held in Sydney on 25 January 2018. The event will bring together alumni from across the three decades, former staff crew and community supporters.

Lieutenant Commander Gough says anyone associated with the ship is welcome to attend.

“It is a great chance for former crew and alumni to share their memories and experiences onboard Young Endeavour. She has touched the lives of so many people.”

“Since 1988, Young Endeavour has conducted 6,790 voyages and more than 13,100 young people have benefitted from the program.”

“The ship’s company and I are really proud of the program that we deliver,” Lieutenant Commander Gough said

“Young Endeavour has been a life changing rite of passage for so many people.  Seeing them develop their confidence and interpersonal skills first-hand is very rewarding.”

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