Amphibious capability enhanced

Published on LEUT Matthew Cramp (author), Unknown (photographer)

Location(s): Townsville, Queensland

Topic(s): Clearance Diving Teams

Soldier of Merit Able Seaman Clearance Diver Burch during the recent basic reconnaissance run by 2RAR (photo: Unknown)
Soldier of Merit Able Seaman Clearance Diver Burch during the recent basic reconnaissance run by 2RAR

Five Navy Clearance Divers have returned to their Sydney home of HMAS Waterhen, armed with new skills and the ability to better integrate into the joint amphibious environment after some training with their Army colleagues.

The Expeditionary Reconnaissance and Clearance Element of Australian Clearance Diving Team One had three members graduate from basic reconnaissance training run by the Army's 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, and a further two graduate from advance reconnaissance training conducted by the School of Infantry.

The Regiment holds a six-week basic reconnaissance course once a year in the Townsville training area.

Members are rotated through different roles gaining experience in command, navigation, communications, camouflage, complex live fire serials, medical and support functions.

The training provides the fundamental skills to obtain information in the operational environment for use by amphibious forces, which concluded in a final assessment called the ‘culminator’.

Able Seaman Clearance Diver Max Burch said the course was very physically demanding, pushing him to his limits.

The divers performed very well, and Able Seaman Burch graduated as dux of the course for high performance in all academic and
physical components.

Petty Officer Clearance Diver Jonathan Crawford said it was the first time that Clearance Divers had participated in the advanced reconnaissance course designed to train them as patrol commanders.

“The skills gained, and relationships fostered have enhanced the capability of the Team,” Petty Officer Crawford said.

“The course creates links between Army and Navy building teamwork for future activities."