Principal Chaplain - Navy Christmas Message

Published on Director General Chaplaincy - Navy Principal Chaplain Stuart Hall (author), ABIS Jesse Rhynard (photographer)

Topic(s): Chaplaincy

File image: Director General Chaplaincy - Navy, Principal Chaplain Stuart Hall (centre). (photo: ABIS Jesse Rhynard)
File image: Director General Chaplaincy - Navy, Principal Chaplain Stuart Hall (centre).

Over the next four years Australians will have numerous opportunities to participate at local, national and international commemorative services. These services will endeavour to recall various war campaigns that disfigured the body, mind and soul of men and women who were involved; as well as reflect on how, over the years, the original disfigurements have been transfigured into opportunities of growth, with the wounds of disfigurement fading into history, and where previous foes have become friends.

As the end of the year comes upon us, with the opportunity to relax and reflect, we can find ourselves commemorating the various events in our life that have taken place and shaped us over the past 12 months.

We might identify events that have initially caused challenges due to an upheaval in our life, such us unwanted postings or restricted career progression or medical classifications, or fractured relationships. Often these circumstances come about due to events that are beyond our influence.

However, with a little bit of distance and time between the events, we can reflect upon these events as a moment where transfiguration has taken place, and we have become more insightful people. More aware of who we are, and in how we have developed life-skills to move forward.

In these moments of reflection, we often rediscover the influential people in our life who have travelled with us, through ‘disfigurement’, to be transfigured. Transfiguration can only take place by the action of other people. It is the unconditional love and support of others that enable us to move and grow.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself facing, may the reduced activity period enable you to rediscover the people in your life who allowed you to be transfigured.

Christmas blessings and may peace reign in your heart.