Navy values inspire Sensis Yellow Pages

Published on Ms Natalie Staples (author)

Location(s): Fleet Base East, NSW

Topic(s): HMAS Parramatta (F154), New Generation Navy (NGN), Navy Values & Signature Behaviours

L-R: Mr Paul Brown, Ms Christy Standen, Ms Dianne Sullivan, Mr Paul Whittingham during their tour on board HMAS Parramatta. (photo: Unknown)
L-R: Mr Paul Brown, Ms Christy Standen, Ms Dianne Sullivan, Mr Paul Whittingham during their tour on board HMAS Parramatta.

Six members from Sensis Newcastle were given the opportunity to visit Garden Island and tour HMAS Parramatta, after they won an internal competition, inspired by Navy Values.

Sensis Digital Specialist, Michael Watkins said after witnessing the International Fleet Review (IFR), he was inspired and realised there were synergies between the Navy Values and his company’s recently adopted values. He says he approached Navy to see if he could bring part of the winning sales team to Garden Island to see these values in action.

“A lot of Sensis’ new values – ‘courage, trust, teamwork’ - mirror the values I saw Navy display during the IFR. After seeing the spectacle, I was inspired to learn more and to see if Navy Values – ‘honour, honesty, courage, integrity and loyalty’ could be used as motivational tools to help us grow our team grow their customer advocacy,” said Michael Watkins.

“Courage is one of our primary values. We’re looking at moving [our people] from just being a sales rep to someone who is willing to offer the best advice to customers.”

Kristian Liddiard, who heads Sensis Newcastle’s winning sales team says while courage is important, teamwork is the formula to his groups success.

“We work in a really fast moving, digital landscape so no-one’s an expert and working as a team is essential. In my team we recognise that everyone is only as strong as the weakest performer. This has really pulled us together and we lift each other up. When people don’t know something, they look to each other for help. This is where we see the synergy with Navy Values crossing over, as we work better as a team than as individuals.”

Manager of the New Generation Navy (NGN) Embed Signature Behaviours Initiative, Lieutenant Commander Casey Scully-O’Shea said, “It’s fantastic hearing the Sensis team is inspired by our Values and by the teamwork and leadership of Navy people.”

As manager of the Embed Signature Behaviours team, Lieutenant Commander Scully-O’Shea helps to keep the conversations going across the Navy on our cultural reform journey.

“Getting the chance to showcase our Navy Values and Signature Behaviours in action during a ship visit, and share the ‘warship experience’ is the perfect way to strengthen relationships across and beyond Navy.

“It’s equally important for all Navy people, uniformed and civilian, to understand their individual contribution makes a difference. We all have an important play a part in achieving Navy’s mission and collaboration is an essential ingredient for success,” said LCDR Scully-O’Shea.

While only a third of the Sensis sales team was able to make the trip, Michael Watkins says those that missed out will still benefit from their colleagues experience.

“On its return to Newcastle, the team members that visited Garden Island will make a presentation to their colleagues. They also take with them Navy challenge coins, which are branded with Navy Values – not only as a token of their visit – but to remind them of the values they take with them into the future.”

Aside from seeing Navy culture first hand, Michael says seeing a warship was also a great experience.

“You can’t beat the experience of seeing Parramatta. I was also very impressed by the scale and size of the dry dock – all of our people were in awe,” said Michael Watkins.