Milestone RAS as east meets west

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Topic(s): HMAS Sirius (A266), HMAS Choules (L100), HMAS Hobart (D39), Replenishment at Sea (RAS)

HMAS Sirius conducts a replenishment at sea with HMAS Choules. (photo: )
HMAS Sirius conducts a replenishment at sea with HMAS Choules.

On her way home to Fleet Base West from the warmer climes of the South West Pacific, HMAS Sirius rendezvoused with east-based HMA Ships Hobart and Choules in the waters off Jervis Bay for a replenishment at sea.

A key milestone was achieved for Choules as she conducted her first ever replenishment with Sirius, an activity which supported her Unit Readiness Evaluation (URE).

It was the second time that Sirius had conducted a replenishment with ‘the Green Ghost’ (HMAS Hobart) whose speed and manoeuvrability was on display during the evolution.

Lieutenant Robert Swift, the Deputy Maritime Logistics Officer in Choules, was excited by the opportunity to conduct the replenishment during the ship’s URE.

“It was a fantastic opportunity and such a huge milestone for Choules and Sirius.

“Having Sea Training Group embarked was highly beneficial to us all,” Lieutenant Swift said.

In addition to transferring fuel, the replenishment provided the Maritime Logistics departments on all three ships with an opportunity to exercise ‘materiel screens’, with an item of supply transferred from Hobart, through Sirius to Choules.

Sirius has now returned to Australia following her successful trip to the South West Pacific.